'Zoolander 2' Fashion Week Surprise

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the runway at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week show to announce a "Zoolander" sequel.
3:41 | 03/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Zoolander 2' Fashion Week Surprise
All right let's start with the big headline coming out of Paris Fashion Week this it really doesn't have much it's fashion. Yet it's about Zoolander. This beloved cult comedy from 2001 star Ben Stiller and on Wilson getting us sequel. Something revealed well to do reveal this on the runway at the Valentino show the duo walked out. Full care they're here they're Zoolander and his. Rival pencil they posed gave it trademark looks. Including two lenders Rivet and deal yeah even civilians took some security. Didn't make that left for the if he'll remember this it gives news Soviet you know good. Invited Saturday night I got nothing else do you. Oh my gosh this is just wonderful. Will Verizon reportedly signed on for you rendered to reprise his role as if various designer mom got to. And Paramount Pictures has confirmed that the film will be released on February 12 of next year. I've actually looked ports. You think. It was just ridiculous. I was for the life or during with. Studio to be the day reported year we have an update on the so called dancing man party it all started with this guy. Was mop just who are dancing and enjoy himself now he's becoming the social media icon. The Sandra Fairbanks started a campaign to find a dancing man who have now learned is guiding Sean from London. The party now has acts including a fur row Williams LA Golding had mobile sign dot. Also Sean can dance freely and without in judgment. And this love and eight former Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke selection of great grandsons. He's never said she would love to dance was shown doing some tips considering she worked for eighteen seasons and then you start things get too tentative wins in there. So I was fairly going to be pretty good school this is gonna be sweet revenge change sweet revenge for all the haters not wanna go to court uses high what are we invite. You oh boy or others. Big news this morning for James Bond. What huge fans filling 124 bond movie is currently taking place. Ahead of its release date which is going to be a November. Two behind girls have already been cast to star opposite Daniel Creag including Monica little cheek and Leah stated that producers have tweeted out the news of casting of a third and likely final bond girl Mexican actress Stephanie sick and. That she'll play a strehl. Oh nothing else really known about her character she was the lead the Oscar nominated missed Bob of four years ago. In a recent TV appearances include the bridge and not coastal. They global bond girls about what was your favorite. Still hard to vote is go fingered the apple fingers at the casino Royale with no Daniel Craig was and it was well. I am alive I got all the moves lack local but we're more big movie news our ferry company. Disney we may have missed in them before coming out with something new double blow has a new director. To Disney's 1941. Animated classic a seventh anniversary edition of the film which was released four years ago. Burton who's 56 producer co wrote the nightmare before Christmas directed Alice and wonderland those five years ago in this new live action. Version of dumbo is still in development so we're still for release date we don't know what this would might look like the so this does kind of dark. I doubt right into haven't really curious to see how this turns out you to make dumbo is that how you gonna make their lives and health act. How do you make double relieved park. The winner will be visited him on at least five.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the runway at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week show to announce a \"Zoolander\" sequel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29548328","title":"'Zoolander 2' Fashion Week Surprise","url":"/WNN/video/zoolander-fashion-week-surprise-29548328"}