12-year-old describes how she fought COVID-19

When doctors examined Juliet Daly, they found the virus was causing her heart to fail.
2:33 | 04/29/20

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Transcript for 12-year-old describes how she fought COVID-19
one plan that starts may 4th, but it leaves out miami/dade, Broward, and palm beach counties. Thank you. And doctors in the uk first sounding the alarm about severe inflammation in some children, among other effects. The 12-year-old girl in Louisiana, who survived the virus after heart failure, spending four days on a ventilator. Here's Steve osunsami. Reporter: 12-year-old Juliet Daly says it felt like she was dying. I died for two minutes. Yeah, and at that point my whole world just crumbled. Reporter: She was so sick with covid-19, she had to be flown to Ochsner children's hospital in New Orleans where her doctors say they discovered a condition that they're now seeing in kids. Inflammation from the coronavirus was causing her heart to fail. After they put the breathing tube down her throat, her heart stopped. And they had to do extreme measures. They had to do two minutes of cpr on her. I never thought I'd have to see my child go through anything like that. And it was terrifying. Reporter: The official diagnosis was inflammation of the heart and the blood vessels. Her heart was swelling. Nearly a third of these children die. This is characterized by a really rapid development of heart failure, where the heart is basically most of the time infected by a virus. Reporter: Doctors in Europe have been sending out alerts to other physicians that while covid-19 doesn't hit as many children, when it does, it can in rare cases lead to this, the kind of inflammation that hospitalized this 2-year old in London, and attacked his internal organs. I thought we might lose him here. Reporter: Medical experts are learning all this as school officials are debating what to do about missed classes. In California, they're thinking about starting school in the summer. We are considering the prospect of an even earlier school year into the fall, as early as late July, early August. Reporter: In a draft of recommendations from the CDC shared by the associated press, we're seeing what U.S. Health officials say school should look like when classes do start back. Putting desks six feet apart, avoiding field trips and school assemblies, and having students eat lunch in their classrooms instead of the cafeteria. Doctors say these extreme conditions are rare. And when children do get sick with the coronavirus, their symptoms are usually mild. But they tell parents to look for trouble breathing, leg swelling, and chest pains. David? Steve, thank you. We continue to report on the

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"When doctors examined Juliet Daly, they found the virus was causing her heart to fail. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70415754","title":"12-year-old describes how she fought COVID-19","url":"/WNT/video/12-year-describes-fought-covid-19-70415754"}