150 Million People Bracing for an Arctic Blast Tonight

Temperatures expected to plummet with high winds and freezing temperatures.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 150 Million People Bracing for an Arctic Blast Tonight
And we move next tonight to the arctic blast, half of erica tonight, 132 million people in 24 states watching temperatures plummet in a matter of hours. Abc's ginger zee shows us how we're doing tonight in the battle of man against nature. Reporter: It's that brutal storm sending us careening into winter. Roads littered with spinouts in salt lake. Sending semis sliding in sioux city iowa. Even our minneapolis affiliate's truck, skidding. We're gonna hit, we're gonna hit! Reporter: And then the inevitable. Oohhh. Reporter: The storm inspiring strong words in colorado springs. I hate this. Reporter: But this is not just about snow, it's that biting record breaking cold. Terrorizing citrus crops in southern california. We've got our protection ready, our crews ready, our water, wind machines. Reporter: Watch this time lapse of a thermometer in denver, plunging from 54 to 10 in just 14 hours. When it's cold, veteran postal carrier shelton rhodes has a strategy. You said layers, proper shoes and then water? Yes, you have to drink plenty of water. Reporter: Another warning, frostbite. It cans set in quick and can be deadly. In bismarck where the wind chill will drop to 40 below, you can get frostbite if exposed within ten minutes. While some are built for this kind of weather, the single digits temperatures and snow shutting down the denver zoo, most of the animals inside with new toys. Got different toys to play with. Even tv? Yes. Reporter: Doing what so many of us are doing across this nation, hieber nating. The next couple of days this storm gets ugly. Let's get straight to the map and show you what we're concerned about. From dallas to little rock is ice accumulation. That's going to be an issue. Snow above that and then that cold. We're looking at today through THE END OF THE WEEK, 40s IN Vegas and look at dallas, almost 80 today slipping below freezing and, yes, those are high temperatures. Ginger, thank you for that. I want to congratulate you and welcome you to your big new role here at abc news leading us on the weather. It's great. Thank you so much. Honored. And we move to the west now

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{"id":21103901,"title":"150 Million People Bracing for an Arctic Blast Tonight","duration":"3:00","description":"Temperatures expected to plummet with high winds and freezing temperatures.","url":"/WNT/video/150-million-people-bracing-arctic-blast-tonight-21103901","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}