2012 Presidential Election Newsroom Tour

Josh Elliot takes ABC News' viewers behind the scenes on Election Night.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2012 Presidential Election Newsroom Tour
We are counting down, just minutes away from the first polls closing. We are all gathering here, so we asked abc's josh elliott to give a kind of stage tour of abc's election headquarters. That's right, diane. We are in the nerve center of our election headquarters at abc news and what a nerve center it is. We do want to show you where we will be parsing all the information tonight as it become as valuable as we elect a new president. Here to my left the insiders, matthew dowd, nicolle wallace, donna brazile, george will and barbara walters will tell us what it means when a state turns one way, what it might mean four years from now. To the right of our set we also have our insiders' desk. Remember, there are many key house and senate races still to be decided and they will be parsed and synthesized, as well. The banks of seats, we have our analysis desk and ballot watch team. The analysis desk is really the first point of entry for the raw information, the exit poll numbers that will become the real numbers that you will see and then you see the ballot watch team led by pierre thomas looking for any irregularities at voting and polling stations around the country and that flows to our twin pillars of rome as george and diane will then bring it to you and as you can see here technology will play a part, the information will spring from the floor. This huge l.E.D. Screen, in fact, george with a touch screen in front of him has the ability to tell us when a state turns and maybe why it did. County by county parsing it for you as best as we can. Obviously technology will be a star and to that end social media which has had an impact on this election unlike any other will have a place with us, as well. This is our social media corner, you see. A touch screen and katie couric will be with us tonight monitoring what you are talking about on facebook and on twitter as we have all come to see history tonight, as our president will be re-elected or the republicans will have taken back the white house and we do hope you joins at abc news till the very last, diane.

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{"id":17657707,"title":"2012 Presidential Election Newsroom Tour","duration":"3:00","description":"Josh Elliot takes ABC News' viewers behind the scenes on Election Night.","url":"/WNT/video/2012-presidential-election-newsroom-tour-17657707","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}