39 states report rise in COVID-19 cases

Nearly every state has reported recent rises in hospitalizations due to the virus.
3:06 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for 39 states report rise in COVID-19 cases
Tonight's other major headline the core rotavirus surging across the US health officials fear and another deadly wave on the way before a vaccine is ready. More than 2191000. American lives now lost 41 states reporting a rise in hospitalizations. The nation's governors pressing the trump administration. On plans to distribute vaccine when it's ready here's ABC's trip brawl. Tonight with 386000. New infections nationwide in the past week. Doctor sounding the alarm about the fall you know right now we are entering the darkest days of the pandemic 41 states now reporting rising hospitalizations. This week fourteen of them setting new record highs the virus ravages much of the midwest and mountain west in California professional wrestler Martin Rodriguez a father of two known for his strengths. Going from a cough and fever to dying on a ventilator ill meaning compliant today. You know not have been prevent future. Asked about a potential national lockdown doctor Anthony county saying that would only happen if the situation became really really bad. The country is fatigued with restrictions we want to use. Public health measures. Not to get in the way. Of opening the economy but to being as safe. Gateway. To opening the economy in New York officials shutting down a 101000 guest wedding in Brooklyn that was scheduled for tomorrow. As governor Andrew Cuomo announces a new micro cluster strategy targeting neighborhood hot spots for shutdowns without disrupting entire regions. A it's true. Phase one doses will be given to health care workers and residents and staff of long term care facilities. And phase two firefighters police and teachers the National Governors Association sending a list of three dozen questions to the trump administration. About how vaccines will be administered on a national scale the White House announcing a deal with CVS and Walgreens to provide free vaccine doses. To those who live or work at nursing home. We think we can run a significant contribution. In terms against pandemic oh or by distributing the vaccine but health officials fear another deadly surge could come before the vaccine is ready. It's probably likely to be the biggest way that we endure without the benefit of a vaccinated population. A picture overall joins us now live several we just heard right there about fears of a new wave. Anti we're following two developing headlines out of Europe which was hit before we work now the midst of a fierce second wave. Yet Thomas case is surge across Europe people actually taking to the streets in protest of new restrictions Harris is now under curfew. And in London people are banned from gathering indoors with anyone they don't live what's. Top Trevor roll with the latest on the corona virus and what's happening in Europe think you.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Nearly every state has reported recent rises in hospitalizations due to the virus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73685369","title":"39 states report rise in COVID-19 cases","url":"/WNT/video/39-states-report-rise-covid-19-cases-73685369"}