42 million Americans in the path of severe storms

Authorities said heavy rains were to blame for the death of an Oklahoma woman, whose car was swept into a creek.
2:24 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for 42 million Americans in the path of severe storms
Now, to the severe storm threat as we're on the rain. Heavy rain, damaging winds and possible tornadoes from Tennessee up the east coast, right into Pennsylvania. And tonight, we've learned that was an ef-2 tornado in south Bend, Indiana, winds up to 125 miles per hour. A flash flood emergency in the midwest. Homes under water. This is Anderson, Missouri, you're looking at. We have the track of the storms tonight, and here's ABC's Steve osunsami now. Reporter: 42 million Americans are in the path of severe storms tonight. Get in, get in! Reporter: And this evening, the national weather service says this one in Indiana was a tornado with wind speeds of up to 125 miles an hour, an ef-2. You can see that this building's roof completely ripped off. Reporter: The growing kids learning center in South Bend took a big hit. Fortunately, no children were inside. In Houston this morning, the rains nearly cost this man his life. Highway traffic cameras were recording as first responders rescued him from rising waters. Ultimately, the most important thing is his life, so we were able to get him out of the water. Reporter: Authorities say that heavy rains are blamed for the death of a woman in Oklahoma, who died after her car was swept into a creek. Floods over the weekend rolled through Missouri. Two kids in the town of monett had to be rescued when they fell into fast-moving water. Lightning from this same system destroyed a home in spring, Texas, and a lightning strike sent them running at this outdoor concert in Kansas. At the airports, more than 400 flights have been canceled across the country. Mostly due to weather. And more than 4,000 flights have been delayed. Those numbers are expected to go up, David, as we get through the All right, that's for sure. Steve, thank you. Let's get to ginger zee tonight tracking it off. Ginger? Reporter: David, the radar is lit up tonight. And the atmosphere is charged, especially for places like Pittsburgh, within minute us, about to see a severe thunderstorm, down to Atlanta, where severe thunderstorm warnings are popping just west of them. Greenville to lynchburg, Virginia, you're going to want to watch tonight for damaging winds. It's all along that cold front that brings northern New Jersey, right through central New York tomorrow morning during the commute. That's going to be a problem with strong storms. And the upper peninsula of Michigan down through Milwaukee, Kansas City seeing more tomorrow. David? Ginger, thank you. Also developing as we're on tonight, the major bus accident

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Authorities said heavy rains were to blame for the death of an Oklahoma woman, whose car was swept into a creek. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63919853","title":"42 million Americans in the path of severe storms","url":"/WNT/video/42-million-americans-path-severe-storms-63919853"}