80% of Americans believe things will only get worse

Authorities across the U.S. are underlining that people of color have more to fear from COVID-19.
3:07 | 04/09/20

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Transcript for 80% of Americans believe things will only get worse
Of course, the toll on American families in this country. Workers risking their lives on the front lines, from hospitals, to supermarkets to mailmen and women. And the long lines for unemployment and food. As we reported, the new numbers show the terrible toll on African-Americans. Minorities are being hit especially hard. Here's Steve osunsami tonight. Reporter: Outside this Miami area unemployment office is more proof tonight that covid-19 is ruining families. More than 10 million Americans are out of work and that number will rise. There was very little social distancing here Tuesday. They were more worried about how they're going to feed their children. We had a glut of people show up way too early. We've given out hundreds and hundreds of applications. But now we're printing out hundreds and hundreds more. Reporter: It's no wonder that 80% of Americans feel things will only get worse. At this food pantry in ft. Lauderdale, the lines were even longer. Right now I haven't worked in two weeks, both jobs on hiatus. Reporter: We saw lines just as long at this food pantry near Pittsburgh on Monday. Reporter: It is with a heavy heart tonight that the family of Cheryl Catron shares that covid-19 robbed them of their sister on Friday night. She worked at a police station in suburban Atlanta. In Detroit, hearts breaking for the family Vincent barber. He and his wife latreesa were just married in October. She thinks he got sick after a haircut. I'm watching people who are not taking this seriously. They're partying. They're visiting everybody. And I lost the love of my life because he wanted to get a haircut. Reporter: Authorities across the country are now underlining that black and brown Americans have more to fear from both the virus and the shutdown meant to fight it. And tonight, new numbers. Experts share that only 1 in 5 Latino workers can work safely from home. And the CDC tonight is saying that while black Americans make up 18% percent of the U.S. Population, they were 33% of all coronavirus hospitalizations in the month of March. We have known literally forever that diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations, particularly the African-Americans. Reporter: At those food pantries across the country, the lines are filled with hope and thanks. This is very good, awesome, good. Reporter: Each box a small bit of rescue. Steve, you hear from so many families, how grateful they are for this food. We really need to support our food banks. And many families are waiting for the stimulus checks. Reporter: Those checks can't come fast enough, David. And the treasury is saying that Americans waiting for a stimulus check will see them hit bank accounts starting next week. But if you're waiting for a check in the mail, it could take a month or so. Steve, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Authorities across the U.S. are underlining that people of color have more to fear from COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70053558","title":"80% of Americans believe things will only get worse","url":"/WNT/video/80-americans-things-worse-70053558"}