Air Traffic Controllers Furloughed

Hundreds of flights delayed nationwide as a result of spending cuts known as the sequester.
2:12 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Air Traffic Controllers Furloughed
And now we will move on to another big headline for travelers in this country. There are hundreds of delays at airports. And we're told they're because of the automatic budget cuts, that sequester, which allegedly reduced the manpower in the control tower and created these delays. Just look behind me. You can see the snapshot of the thousands and thousands of planes in the sky. But there are 10% fewer people guiding them through air. And abc's matt gutman asked what this means for delays and safety. Reporter: The delays piled up in charlotte, waits of up to 75 minutes at baltimore, washington, and all three new york airports. When it's like this, it's not good, and it's one of the few jobs that should not have one. Reporter: The faa didn't mince words, blaming most of the backlog on "federal budget cuts." The agency says it was forced to furl accounting controllers one day of the week. The faa says it could caught travelers 90-minute delays on 6,700 flights every day. And early numbers show delays at baltimore, washington, and LaGUARDIA SPIKING FOUR FOLD Today over last monday. But part of that could be weather related. But at philadelphia, not much change. To see for ourselves, we boarded a flight in orlando for miami. The flights to washington, d.C. All seem to be delayed from miami. But the flight tracker here on the faa website has no delays. So 10% fewer air traffic controllers still have the same number of planes in the air at the same time. About 5,000 of them. re LaHood called it a calamity. Safety will never be compromised. Reporter: And it's not just passengers who were frustrated. Everybody knows they need to keep the system up and running. We're going to do our very best to do so. But somebody's got to figure this out. Reporter: Matt gutman, abc news, back in line, in orlando.

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{"id":19018603,"title":"Air Traffic Controllers Furloughed","duration":"2:12","description":"Hundreds of flights delayed nationwide as a result of spending cuts known as the sequester.","url":"/WNT/video/air-traffic-controllers-furloughed-19018603","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}