Alarming Statistic: Danger at the Amusement Park

More than 90,000 children over the last 20 years treated in the ER after visiting parks.
2:05 | 05/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alarming Statistic: Danger at the Amusement Park
consumer alert effecting many this holiday weekend. A new report out studies injuries in the past decades and look at this number. More than 90,000 injured on park rides, ending up in the e.R. But the most dangerous rides aren't the twisty, gravity defying roller coasters. Tonight, abc's amy robach on the real danger. Reporter: From frightening news reports -- she's thrown six to eight feet. The train derailed, and there's a little boy and girl that need help now. Reporter: To personal youtube videos. The boat behind us is falling off. Reporter: There is no shortage of amusement ride scares. But a new study has found that it's not always the biggest and faster rides we should fear. It's the smaller ones that parents might not consider dangerous that contribute to injuries of more than 4,000 u.S. Children each year. Destiny malone was just 8 when out on a ride like this seemingly innocuous kiddie roller coaster. I was just torn to pieces. Reporter: The new study has tracked injuries on all kinds of rides. 4,400 a year. Up to 20 a day. But what's surprising is when researchers looked at emergency records for the type of ride was recorded. Roller coasters accounted for 10%. Bumper cars, 4%. But carousels? 21%, which might explain why a third of kids injured were 5 or younger. The most common sent? Falling. Parents can certainly enjoy a beautiful ride like this, but enjoy the restraint, put that on first, never walk away from a young child and actually help them go on and go off the ride. Reporter: Industry advocates say safety is a top priority, and that rider injuries are rare and less than 2% of injuries required a trip to the hospital. The best advice? Heed the warnings an instructions on the rides, and if your child can't follow the rules, get ice cream instead. Amy robach, abc news, new york.

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{"id":19253876,"title":"Alarming Statistic: Danger at the Amusement Park","duration":"2:05","description":"More than 90,000 children over the last 20 years treated in the ER after visiting parks.","url":"/WNT/video/alarming-statistic-danger-amusement-park-19253876","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}