Alicia Keys' Work Off Stage to Fight HIV/AIDS

Singer Alicia Keys co-founded Keep a Child Alive and Empower to help HIV/AIDS patients.
5:29 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for Alicia Keys' Work Off Stage to Fight HIV/AIDS
Finally tonight here our person of the week you know her voice on stage but how -- you heard behind the scenes to saving lives. Tonight at least -- -- using the power of her voice right here at home. Yeah she's just been done and seasonal. You already know he should key sentence in -- -- Only an -- But for the last decade she's been quietly using that police say -- We can tighten -- organization and the child -- -- -- and that -- In those towns and villages in Africa has helped -- They now seeing the for. And this week she came home to New York to sit down with us she also did something else. As cameras were rolling she took a test a rapid HIV test to reignite the conversation here. In America you say that. A lot of us make the mistake of thinking it's just happening over there -- I realized I myself even. We're just not talking about it in America there's so many people who. Are finding themselves newly infected. They the infection rate is actually just -- the same. It's not going down -- America. Only 16% to -- -- behind a brand new project in politics sitting down with women from all over America living with HIV and surviving and -- line is a wife and a mother. And -- Everyone who ends up HIV positive says I didn't think it Calais I -- and then it happened to me. I guess we can be sometimes couldn beings and we -- people you know we cannot just bag them and it's very sad and we can't do that to people so. For me and -- it is really about taking the power back and really having a conversation. With women particularly. Women of color who are really at that affected and infected and a higher -- And from me that says it's not OK -- it's not something we can just might let goal and we just watch people slowing. So that's what impact -- about -- uses there you know my sisters there -- -- and he's there he until others you know. There are Brothers our father -- -- -- our you know it's our community it's our global community. I wonder if gram fire takes on added significance. When you think about the lyrics of that song. Does it carry sort of a double message given the other work that you do that's really about us as women. Really understanding apparently -- and we are -- that. We are assisted drivers of our communities in the weather data that -- homes and and -- -- -- our communities. And where the one that kind of affect the most change and I actually evidence who we all -- -- -- -- And -- that we can't be afraid to be but as a -- -- really talks about anyway talks about. You know live in the world that's. -- the catastrophe but you know still having injuring likes having a passion. So to China live and going -- you know so that. You know I never thought of it but thank you for -- trip put that in some way and I think it really does fit beautifully that the entire campaign just. You know just -- in woman and file police should. Now a mother herself wants these women to know they haven't been forgotten. She wants to wipe out HIV for the next generation do you look forward of the day when he says my mom. Is -- kept the conversation going. While I kind of thought of that pretty honest. He asked and I and I look forward to. A two week. And then let -- say you know that -- That -- the first aids free generation -- that he doesn't know England who has seen. And he would never meet anyone who has aids from his generation you know. Like imagine he's -- me he's only going to be three you know imagine. -- he's thirteen and twenty and 25 and he could say that -- the incredible. So in the meanwhile we have a lot of work to do we have allowed to talk about me and the -- like we have to stop this kind of. He wants to -- thousand Clayton for the next generation -- send out two years old with her on tour but he doesn't get stiff for the whole concert. -- every inspiring work. That's become the -- For New York City for the world the world Nelson's that song you know. The one thing you can -- saying we can totally connect with him when Travis. To have a change -- And I and that song is just like all about having the chance he should be looking out for those children all over the rules. The little one. -- -- You pick a lot of men and -- them on with us okay and then -- -- sentencing -- anything companion and me can you give us a bar. If. -- I'm not cool. -- new books -- proud. You know Arizona man hanging in. They need it. But I gases can't see any. Don't think name. Suggested bringing -- -- and. -- -- -- -- And so we choose Alicia Keys working toward an aids free generation. -- -- --

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{"id":20168983,"title":"Alicia Keys' Work Off Stage to Fight HIV/AIDS","duration":"5:29","description":"Singer Alicia Keys co-founded Keep a Child Alive and Empower to help HIV/AIDS patients.","url":"/WNT/video/alicia-keys-work-off-stage-fight-hivaids-20168983","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}