Amanda Knox: Meredith Didn't Reject Me

Knox says she was never confronted by Meredith Kercher or her friends.
3:00 | 04/30/13

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Transcript for Amanda Knox: Meredith Didn't Reject Me
But many people have written that just the singing the clowning. The antics. We're startling to her and that her prince didn't like Q. 11. Quote was with the latest on her strange. -- thought you were weird well I didn't get that impression when I was with that -- Because. There -- various times that Meredith invited me to hang out with her friends and the fact that later on we didn't hang out as much was more because I was at. Not the -- working. And I mean I remember. They Meredith described to me. Their preparations for Halloween but it also brought -- -- this. This idea that she confronted me and was like a stickler about things that was not that was not her either -- that her parents are rejecting -- No I didn't get that impression because we Wentz. We went -- to pubs together and I think that they environments intrusion was also very open. I think what happened. And what led to later. Discussions about. How uncomfortable. Meredith and her friends were or were not around to me was. Because of my arrest and because. Of the incredible tragedy that was her murder -- it just happened so. Incredibly -- comprehensively. I think that after my arrested after. After all of a sudden I was. Identify it has. In some way involved. Everything that we -- experienced before. In their minds took on a sinister -- That's what I think happened I think -- all of a sudden. The girl who was different. Definitely I mean but we were all different they were from England and and I was -- America and the next person was from Poland in the next person wants from China they were all different.

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{"id":19076705,"title":"Amanda Knox: Meredith Didn't Reject Me","duration":"3:00","description":"Knox says she was never confronted by Meredith Kercher or her friends.","url":"/WNT/video/amanda-knox-meredith-reject-19076705","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}