"America's Dad" Gives Back for Thanksgiving

Bill Cosby's journey home to help the people who helped him as a boy.
2:57 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for "America's Dad" Gives Back for Thanksgiving
And finally tonight here our person of the week -- after playing -- obstacle and his beloved TV family tonight Bill -- remembering his real life family and their struggles. Saying thank you to the people who help them. Nicknamed America's dad did she -- -- coupled with -- trademark sense of humor I did it I'm sorry. Ashby -- we know what we except that you will be. You'll remember that warning from dad -- comfortable. I am your father I brought you in this world and I'll take you out. The -- -- shields breaking barriers I reflecting the truth for many African American families who up until about calling. Hadn't seen the celebrated family portrait quite like one on television. Educated successful in the long. But -- -- -- TV family was wealthy -- secure his own childhood was anything but. The oldest of four Brothers -- and open to projects on the tough streets of Philadelphia. There were times when there was only two -- a moment but. There were programs. For -- executes with in the -- project. Those programs a lifeline for -- be struggling mother and a who tirelessly cleaned houses tried to make ends meet -- father was -- in navy. If you needed the dentist if you broke your arm -- it was a service. There was something. It took care -- You. As a child it was sort of magic. That same magic years later driving can get involved with Blevins street health service -- that same neighborhood remembers as a little boy. Visiting patients attending cooking classes performing at a benefit -- worry about user knowing first -- look like they gave him and his family. My mother. No money. My brother was taken. Care of magically. And so organizations. That you this kind of help. Very very important. Those struggles to community -- long. -- in his comedy as far back -- that over. -- -- -- -- Importance of community. A family also -- -- on the Cosby Show -- it started more than thirty years ago. We can come together. And work together. With -- each week due. To -- chip. One of the most important thing is taught. And most cultures. Is to give. Up part of one's earnings. To give -- part of one's good. And so we choose Bill Cosby who proves you can always go home and have always gave back.

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{"id":17795968,"title":"\"America's Dad\" Gives Back for Thanksgiving ","duration":"2:57","description":"Bill Cosby's journey home to help the people who helped him as a boy.","url":"/WNT/video/americas-dad-back-thanksgiving-17795968","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}