Anthony Weiner Campaign Manager Calls Mayoral Race Quits

Campaign manager drops out after campaign suffers blow after second sexting scandal.
2:12 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Anthony Weiner Campaign Manager Calls Mayoral Race Quits
Tonight, to an embattled candidate, vowing to stay in the race for new york mayor. Anthony weiner speaking in church this sunday, defending his wife from critics, asking why she's staying with him. She has not been seen, by the way, since she was by his side early last week, and today marks her birthday. Abc's jeff zeleny here on the campaign trail in new york. Reporter: Tonight, anthony weiner is acknowledging his sins and seeking redemption. I've got faith here. Faith is like that gps device in your car, if you ever make a wrong turn, it doesn't yell at you. Quietly, it says, recalculating. Reporter: He went where many politicians go when they are in trouble. To church. Sometimes hard to hear, he spoke of his faith in unusual terms, comparing it to a car's navigation system. Brothers and sisters, I've given it a lot of opportunities to say recalculating in my life. I have worn that machine out sometimes. Reporter: Weiner isn't dropping out of the mayor's race, but his campaign manager is, resigning overnight, after another sexting scandal sent the former congressman's political ambitions spiraling again. His wife was not at his side today, on what was her 37 birthday. But he came to her defense. I will never stop being grateful to me wife for sticking with me. People are saying some unspeakable things about her, because she and I fought to keep our marriage together. Reporter: It's the latest case of a politician's fall from grace. Always men, it seems, behaving badly. Judy smith, the crisis management expert, who inspired the abc show "scandal," weighed in on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. It's not like, sort of the usual politician having an affair. There's an element of creepiness to this. Reporter: She expressed doubt his mayoral bid could survive. And jeff is with us here on the desk. Weiner saying he's going to recalculate like a gps machine. Can he stay in the race, though he's vowing to. Is that possible? Reporter: That was a very bizarre turn of phrase this morning. Politically, it's very difficult for him. Two of his friends told me today it's gone from improbable to very unlikely he can stay in. But he thinks he has nothing to lose here, so, 44 days until the democratic primary here in new

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{"id":19798670,"title":"Anthony Weiner Campaign Manager Calls Mayoral Race Quits","duration":"2:12","description":"Campaign manager drops out after campaign suffers blow after second sexting scandal. ","url":"/WNT/video/anthony-wiener-campaign-manager-calls-mayoral-race-quits-19798670","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}