ATM Hold Ups Caught on Camera

Find out what you can do to protect yourself at the ATM.
1:41 | 10/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ATM Hold Ups Caught on Camera
Next tonight here, something we all think about when we're taking money outle of an atm, especially at night. Our safety. ABC's gio Benitez with one scare caught on tape. Reporter: Look at these security images from an atm in west Melbourne, Florida. A frightening moment, less than 24 hours ago. As a man approaches a 20-year-old woman from behind, wrapping his arm around her throat. Allegedly demanding she withdraw money. But the woman quickly hits that panic button on her car keeps and the guy takes off. Security foe coaches so clear, the man's girlfriend turned him in this afternoon. Police say he's 44-year-old Scott Patrick Deason. In no mood to talk during his arrest. Anything to say at all? Nothing? Reporter: Most atm holdups happen at night, but in new York, it was early morning when a robber took 300 bucks in cash from you Yan that Rivera at an atm. She says he also stole her peace of mind. You feel like somebody's always watching you. Reporter: And another in broad daylight, in philly, just two weeks ago. Take a look. A man puts two fingers on a woman's back, allegedly telling the woman he'd shoot her. She gave him the cash. And he's still on the run. What is the first thing you got to do when you'reapproaching that atm? Make sure you go to a well-lit area or an atm that's in a retail outlet. Reporter: And while the pan you can alarm worked for that 20-year-old Monday -- Sometimes it's just easier to comply, because you don't want to risk your life for your money. Reporter: You sure don't. And some other tips? Make sure you're not wearing any visible jewelry when you go to an atm. That can be a draw for thieves. And David, just put away the cash. You don't want to be counting it at the atm. Gio, thank you.

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Find out what you can do to protect yourself at the ATM.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26359953","title":"ATM Hold Ups Caught on Camera","url":"/WNT/video/atm-hold-ups-caught-camera-26359953"}