Attempted Military Coup in Turkey

Reports shots have been fired, both bridges to Istanbul have been closed and Turkish State TV has been taken over by a group calling itself the Turkish Peace Council.
4:31 | 07/16/16

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Transcript for Attempted Military Coup in Turkey
Good evening and as we come on the year the West Coast tonight we are monitoring that military coup underway in Turkey fighter jets in the sky tanks in the streets. Of course Turkey is a major US ally but tonight. It has descended into chaos. These images from inside Turkey right now gunfire in the streets of a stumble. Progress underway in the US State Department telling US citizens there to shelter in place. Tanks were seen in the streets of military statement has now been read on state television saying that a faction of the armed forces has seized power. A group calling itself the Turkish peace council imposing martial law across Turkey. And look at this tonight a line of soldiers blocking a bridge the services and image being repeated across the country. The president of Turkey going on TV to signal those responsible will receive the highest penalty. But this coup continues as crowds in the streets across Turkey surges at this hour. At dangerous and uncertain night ahead we begin with ABC's Jonathan call. Shocking scenes to related is stone bowl. A military show of force heavily armed military units here taking control of key life winds in Turkey. Firing a book protesters. Stopped vehicles tanks at the city's main airport. Now closed to all commercial air traffic soldiers blocking Istanbul's phosphorus bridge. It is Ankara Turkey's capital. Fighter jets flying low of menacing show of force Turkish state television taken over to. A news anchor reading a statement from a group calling itself. The Turkish peace council's claiming to have taken over the government and imposing martial law. Overnight pro government protesters storming state TV Turkey's president his whereabouts unknown. In an interview via facetime on CNN Turk. Is urging supporters to mass in the streets. And vowing the highest penalty for those behind the attempted coup. And tonight the US embassy tweeting a warning to Americans. US citizens in Turkey should shelter in place and stay indoors. The stakes are high. Turkey its long border with Syria. May be America's most important ally in the fight against crisis. Turkey is home to the crucial incirlik airbase launching point for the US air war against basis. And a police were some 18100 US military personnel are now based. Also there. Dozens of US tactical nuclear weapons and Turkey has a huge army second in size to the United States among NATO countries. And Jonathan Karl would us live from the White House tonight John as I mentioned a key and major US ally particularly in the fight against crisis. The White House clearly monitoring this closely. Absolutely David and the president has just spoken to secretary of state John Kerry the White House releasing a statement saying. The president and the secretary agreed that all parties in Turkey should show support for the democratically elected government of Turkey show restraint. And avoid bloodshed. Jon Karl stay with this here because we want to bring in ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz who has reported extensively from Turkey. You've also cover the State Department Martha is witnessed tonight and Martha when you see these tweets. US citizens in Turkey should shelter in place and stay indoors that comes from the State Department. That underscores just how danger businesses. It truly is David and and those who have been told that shelter exploration because of what you're seeing there on the street. The violence that it to erupting between those loyal to the government and those trying to take it over. And as for those US stations and they would likely be on lockdown. Flying only essential missions that bombing runs against arts it's probably moved elsewhere temporarily each. They would wait this out determine what the next step should be and as much as we shake Turkey's been a partner BUS has. Urged her to want to do more in the fight against I just. The border with Kyrie has been a major entry port for those wanting to join crisis and those coming out as well they but. And Martha we should remind our viewers watching tonight that there are more than what 2000 US soldiers there in Turkey. That's right about 2200. Military personnel countrywide but the majority of it at our incirlik air. Martha Raddatz and Jon Karl thinks pupil.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Reports shots have been fired, both bridges to Istanbul have been closed and Turkish State TV has been taken over by a group calling itself the Turkish Peace Council.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40626023","title":"Attempted Military Coup in Turkey","url":"/WNT/video/attempted-military-coup-turkey-40626023"}