A Look Back at Unforgettable Oscar Acceptance Speeches

The orchestra famously plays off stars with too many to thank!
2:26 | 02/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A Look Back at Unforgettable Oscar Acceptance Speeches
Finally tonight you'll notice something different at the Oscars when the winners give their speeches the academy is tried out a new plan but are the stars really gonna go for. ABC's Chris Connolly with the story. Jennifer Connelly an Oscar winners of big moment in anyone's life. Like when Jennifer Connelly won supporting actress at the Oscars in 2002. You don't want to forget anyone. Still nothing sinks the heart of an Oscar producer like a litany of thank use. Thank you to all of our magnificent cast there was Alpa chino winning best actor for scent of a woman in 1993. If you indulge me for a minute commencement used to this so I write this down not every winner has to chino star power. So some get played on. As Will Ferrell and Jack Black famously saying. No need to thank him Yelp and her rep seats. Yard long. Okay. Oh. This year's Oscar producers David Hill and Reginald public hope they've had on a plan to perk up 2000 sixteen's. 452 acceptances. A scroll at the bottom of the screen problem a moment names a winner needs to think as they explained ABC's Lara Spencer. And they don't have to pump. Up the eyes. Last night that you know it it's like look you can. This thing people do and thanking have to make a statement the hopis are unmistakable moments of emotion and deeply felt appreciation. The kind of have become part of Oscar legend who could forget Cuba Gooding jr.'s rap up from the Oscars in 97. And if the orchestra never has to play anyone off the stage audiences around the globe will all be feeling. Well really grateful. The scuttle. ABC news Boston. And we up tonight has lots of moments just like that excitement is building for the Academy Awards the red carpet take a look starring the fill up. Don't miss Robin Roberts pre show special the Oscars backstage. And 88 Academy Awards right here. On ABC a complete wrap up of the Oscars on GMA tomorrow morning and David Muir right back here tomorrow night. I'm Tom Galveston York have a great evening and a wonderful Oscar night and.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The orchestra famously plays off stars with too many to thank!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"37266444","title":"A Look Back at Unforgettable Oscar Acceptance Speeches","url":"/WNT/video/back-unforgettable-oscar-acceptance-speeches-37266444"}