Backlash Against Indiana's new 'Religious Freedom' Law

Protestors calling for a boycott over concerns the law may legalize discrimination against gay men and women.
2:18 | 03/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Backlash Against Indiana's new 'Religious Freedom' Law
And with the final four just days away, the firestorm where the games are set to play. The governor of Indiana signing new legislation that some say discriminates against gays. Our George stephanopoulos asking the governor questions about it. Here's gio Benitez tonight. Reporter: Tonight, outrage on both sides of the debate over Indiana's newest law. On one side, the desire to protect religious freedom. On the other, protesters that argue this paves the way for discrimination. They argue the law could protect businesses that want to deny gays and lesbians service. We, the ncaa say, if this is the environment, what does this mean for us going forward? George, we're not going to change the law. Reporter: George, pressing the governor. Do you think it should be legal in the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians? George -- It's a yes or no question. Come on. Hoosiers don't believe in discrimination. This is about protecting liberty of every Hoosier of every faith. Yes or no, should it be legal to diskram -- discriminate against gays and lesbians? You're trying to make this issue about something else. Reporter: Now tonight, Indiana's speaker of the house saying a fix is on the way. It's our intent to make crystal clear in language that that type of discrimination is not allowed. Reporter: The speaker of the house telling me, legislators hope to have that ready this week, before the games are played. Thank you. And now to Boston, where tears filled a federal courtroom

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Protestors calling for a boycott over concerns the law may legalize discrimination against gay men and women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"30020171","title":"Backlash Against Indiana's new 'Religious Freedom' Law","url":"/WNT/video/backlash-indianas-religious-freedom-law-30020171"}