Black Friday Shopping Spree

Is Black Friday the best day to find the best deals?
1:39 | 11/24/13

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Transcript for Black Friday Shopping Spree
just as the holiday shopping season kicks into full swing, the markets already full of cheer. Trading opens tomorrow at the dow finished its second day above 16,000 on friday. And with black friday shopping after thanksgiving this week, some dubbing tomorrow black monday, we wanted to know, when is truly the best day to shop? And it turns out, some researchers wanted to do the same thing. And that date is coming. Abc's clayton sandell in denver tonight. Reporter: This year, the competition is cut-threat. Facing fewer days for holiday buying and lower consumer confidence, retailers are desperate for a bigger share of the 147 million shoppers hitting stores and websites black friday weekend. If the mad dash for deals is your holiday tradition, you can now do it a day earlier. K-mart, target and walmart all unlocking their doors on thanksgiving day. It's bloody, brutal and there are going to be a lot of casualties. Reporter: Early birds are even bringing tents and generators to this best buy in akron, ohio, a week early. LOOKING FOR TVs AS PRESENTS For family. Reporter: But some stores are making the curbside campout unnecessary. Walmart, amazon and macy's already one-upping competitors by offering black friday prices online right now. Best buy will even match a price if you've already bought somewhere else. And experts crunching the numbers say the best day to shop may actually be december 4th when good deals can still be found, minus the crowds. Now, only about a quarter of shoppers are expected to actually come out on thanksgiving day. The idea of hitting the mall after a big holiday meal, probably, david, giving a few people heartburn.

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{"id":20999046,"title":"Black Friday Shopping Spree","duration":"1:39","description":"Is Black Friday the best day to find the best deals?","url":"/WNT/video/black-friday-shopping-spree-20999046","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}