Black Friday Weekend: Breaking Down New Sales Records

Numbers revealed following a wild holiday shopping weekend.
2:37 | 11/25/12

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Transcript for Black Friday Weekend: Breaking Down New Sales Records
United we hope you had a great holiday weekend and perhaps you're one of the billions who dared to head to the malls the pictures coming in from all over this country and solid numbers to back. First the crowds customers -- the way to Victoria's Secret here this -- in Tulsa all to get a -- that. This -- of customers scrambling for discount dvds of the San Diego Wal-Mart. The lone customer right they're celebrating his own victory apparently after finding what he was looking for -- -- -- -- An economist tonight -- the ones cheering as well take a look at these record breaking numbers to -- 47 million shoppers visiting stores and web sites over the past four days. Customers spending an average of 423. Dollars per person. An all time high 59 billion dollar spent over the Thanksgiving holiday. It's a tonight here ABC's John -- -- with the pictures that help explain like so many records. -- -- -- -- from Georgia. Oklahoma. California. Deep discounts this holiday weekend brought out the worst in some shoppers across the country but for retailers who jump started the shopping season early on Thanksgiving Day. A huge success. Raking in more than 59 billion dollars up mobile seven billion from last year. Black Friday good or bad this is the indication of how retail -- for the whole year. But it's a good sign that the consumer has shown up according to. The National Retail Federation shoppers are more conscious of how they're spending money the two out of three people using cash or debit cards. Instead of credit did you go shopping on Black Friday. At the big retail stores. We did not if I get a little online shopping and that's. In fact for the first time ever The National Retail Federation says more people chose the shop on line and in stores. With cyber sales up 21%. From last year breaking a new record topping one billion dollars. A good sign just hours before Cyber Monday many of those web sites are offering free shipping but it may pay to keep an eye out for those deliveries to your front door. As more and more thieves are waiting for those packages to watch as this -- -- UPS driver drops off a package without ringing the bell. But minutes later that package was snatched. -- -- car pull up. If they cannot pass the house -- -- get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's a good thing that's and we had a surveillance camera because now UPS says. It will investigate as far Cyber Monday nearly half -- retailers are offering free shipping with no conditions attached expert says if you find what you think is a good deal. Why it right away if you -- it won't find a better price this holiday season.

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{"id":17806849,"title":"Black Friday Weekend: Breaking Down New Sales Records","duration":"2:37","description":"Numbers revealed following a wild holiday shopping weekend.","url":"/WNT/video/black-friday-shopping-weekend-breaking-sales-records-17806849","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}