Boston Security Especially Tight for July 4th Celebrations

Other major cities also plan to step up security for the Fourth.
1:14 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Boston Security Especially Tight for July 4th Celebrations
As we head into the holiday we know there will be increased security, the biggest increase since the boston marathon bombing in april. Rob nelson is in boston tonight. Reporter: In the usual sea of red, white and blue, this year's july 4th celebrations across the country will include a wave of heightened security. And nowhere is the potential danger taken more seriously than in boston, where the wounds are still raw after april's deadly marathon bombings. The accused bombers had initially chosen july 4th as their date to strike. You'll see troopers and national guard out there at security check points and the camera security system obviously is another layer of that. Reporter: This is the first big event in boston sifrns it is marathon. Knapsacks like the ones used by the bombers will not be permitted. In los angeles police are stepping up their visibility. For some extra security is no deterrent. I feel safe because what is there to thinking about? Are you going to be afraid living your life? I have more of a chance getting hit crossing the street. Reporter: One of many choosing to celebrate the 4th without fear. Still ahead tonight, pair sailing safety, inside the

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{"id":19574240,"title":"Boston Security Especially Tight for July 4th Celebrations","duration":"1:14","description":"Other major cities also plan to step up security for the Fourth.","url":"/WNT/video/boston-security-tight-july-4th-celebrations-19574240","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}