Bradley Manning Not Guilty on 'Aiding America's Enemies' Charge

Army private who gave top secret documents to Wikileaks guilty on multiple charges of espionage.
2:48 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Bradley Manning Not Guilty on 'Aiding America's Enemies' Charge
Bradley manning, the army private who made global headlines when he gave thousands of top secret documents to wikileaks. This was manning then three years ago and there he is today leaving court off learning his fate, guilty on several espionage chances, not guilty on aiding enemies, the most serious charge. Reporter: It was the charge that could have put the 25-year-old away for life without parole, the charge that would label him a traitor. Today while manning stood at attention in the courtroom, the judge declared him not guilty of that most serious charge. On the biggest charge in the case, the government ends up leaving the courtroom with its tail between its legs. Reporter: Prosecutors presented evidence that battle field reports from iraq and afghanistan were found on osama bin laden's computer after the raid on his compound but that wasn't enough to prove he aided the enemy. He was convicted of the 20 of 22 major charges against him, including espionage, theft and computer fraud. The young private, a high school graduate, unable to hold a job, joined the army in 2007 only to be made an intelligence analyst with a top secret clearance. He was in bahgdad when he downloaded 700,000 classified documents and videos that shocked the world. Manning saying he had wanted to show the true cost of war. He did so with this video where u.S. Soldiers mistake a cameraman for the enemy. Nice. Good shooting. Reporter: And fire on a van with two little children inside. It's their fault for bringing their kids to a battle. That's right. Reporter: But the former direct of the cia michael hayden says he greatly harmed the national security. He put real people at real risk. Reporter: Wikileaks founder julian assange today called manning a hero as he said of the nsa leaker edward snowed den. The sentencing starts tomorrow. While it's doubtful he will be sentenced to the 130 years the charges call for but it's like lick he will start a big chunk of his life in jail. What does this mean for him? He's apparently still in moscow. I'm sure snowden is watching carefully but I don't see how they get him back to the united states to face the charges unless they make some kind of deal with him and no one seems in the mood to make deals with him now. One more picture out of washington tonight. This one president obama and

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{"id":19821294,"title":"Bradley Manning Not Guilty on 'Aiding America's Enemies' Charge","duration":"2:48","description":"Army private who gave top secret documents to Wikileaks guilty on multiple charges of espionage.","url":"/WNT/video/bradley-manning-guilty-aiding-americas-enemies-charge-19821294","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}