Brave Young Boy Makes Quick-Thinking 911 Call

Florida boy calmly dials 911 as burglars break in when he was home alone.
1:48 | 08/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Brave Young Boy Makes Quick-Thinking 911 Call
In the case in Texas after a remarkable night when one call a brave boy at his home was being robbed calling for help and the -- voice at the other end of the line. Here tonight ABC's do you but he gets. Listened closely as twelve year old Dion Murdoch dials 911 -- -- in his Port Arthur, Texas home. Not one. -- emergency hello this could definitely. Don't think people couldn't -- -- just about the the window went he went back on -- -- -- -- night. How I -- outweighed me. The dispatcher tells little beyond to go into the closet doing her best to reassure him along the way. As police say these two young men break into the helps. And then at least -- hundred people people who didn't. They aren't they are. There won't a while now. Then chilling silence for a full minute. -- there beyond. The okay it say they -- the opposite I think they're they're gonna Jessica -- When police arrived they said they saw the two men running from the home. The -- -- keeping the child on the line with a loving tone. So is he content -- Outside the home. Yeah but they -- in that -- not -- -- but because it kind of Rebecca -- -- doing good doing real good solid -- amount on the soundtrack and you won't -- Yeah. -- well. It well you're there very -- Elaine and indicated that they. Amazing and during the break and -- mom says she was at the housing authority looking for a new home. Because the boys quick thinking and that -- dispatcher David the suspects are now behind bull she said the bomb would be proud of -- people product dispatcher to supplement.

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{"id":20063354,"title":"Brave Young Boy Makes Quick-Thinking 911 Call ","duration":"1:48","description":"Florida boy calmly dials 911 as burglars break in when he was home alone.","url":"/WNT/video/brave-young-boy-makes-quick-thinking-911-call-20063354","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}