Cairo, Egypt, Protests: Christians Under Attack

Following the military crackdown, churches have been looted and burned.
2:24 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Cairo, Egypt, Protests: Christians Under Attack
crises in egypt and a call for help from christians living in the middle of the chaotic storm that has erupted in that crucial country. Churches have been attacked and fear more is coming. Today the president expressed concern and announced a change in america's plans. Abc's muhammad lila who covers this region has all of it for us from cairo tonight. Reporter: It's striking terror into the heart of christian community. Dozens of churches attacked, some accusing christians of siding with the military. An angry mob burst through the gates, others looted, nuns escaping out the back door. One woman, church was doused in gasoline. Completely black. Painting are on the ground mostly. Tinted glass, it is heartbreaking. Reporter: Others fearful it's not over. I'm scared for my friends, for my christian friends. This is our lives. Reporter: Today president obama weighing in. We call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks we've seen by protestors including on churches. Reporter: In the wake of the military's bloody crackdown with more than 600 dead. It didn't stop the flow of $1.3 billion america gives egypt every year. Helps him peace in a violent region and fighting terror. Lost on the families of the dead. This is murder. You can't kill your own people and get away with it. Reporter: All day at this make shift morgue, caskets streemd in and coffins with bodies streamed out. Reporter: Every minute new bodies are being carried out. As we pushed our way inside with the stench of death surrounding us, this woman telling us, america will pay the price, the next terrorists will come from the families of those killed here. On the way out a chilling message, chanting the words egypt's peace is dead. Muhammad lila, abc news, cairo.

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{"id":19975646,"title":"Cairo, Egypt, Protests: Christians Under Attack","duration":"2:24","description":"Following the military crackdown, churches have been looted and burned. ","url":"/WNT/video/cairo-egypt-protests-christians-attack-19975646","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}