Calling All Dancing Queens

Abba museum opens in Stockholm with disco floor, karaoke studio and holograms.
1:12 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Calling All Dancing Queens
Our "instant index" tonight, begins with an extreme makeover, handwriting edition. You'll remember, it was a national joke, the new treasury secretary, jack lew, whose name will appear on every dollar bill, had a signature that was indecipherable, a kind of slinky. Now, look at his new and improved version after two months on the job. And by the way, he's not the only treasury secretary who buckle down and work on his signature. This was tim geithner's signature, before and after he took the job. And calling all dancing queens out there. Abba fans, today is your day. ♪ Thank you for the music for giving it to me ♪ it was a big party, the g of the abba museum in stockholm, complete with a disco floor to practice your moves, a karaoke studio and holograms of the rest of the band singing backup. And the band says, it is official, they will not reunite, dashing the hopes of abba loyalists everywhere. But for now, the memories, and the music. And we always hope you'll tweet us thoughts for the "instant index."

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{"id":19129327,"title":"Calling All Dancing Queens","duration":"1:12","description":"Abba museum opens in Stockholm with disco floor, karaoke studio and holograms.","url":"/WNT/video/calling-abba-dancing-queens-19129327","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}