What to Do: Car Sinking in Water, Only Seconds to React

Demonstration shows the right moves to make if your car is sinking under water.
2:55 | 03/25/13

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Transcript for What to Do: Car Sinking in Water, Only Seconds to React
It has already been a year of extreme weather, as you know. And no ha scientists have issued another prediction about floods. More of them ahead this spring. An estimated 400 people die each year because their cars are trapped in water. And it turns out, many of us are doing exactly the wrong thing in that moment. We roll up the windows and hope for an air bubble or call 911. Account tonight's abc's lisa stark and going to show you a sdrabetion of the right thing to do if your car is sinking and the 30 seconds that can save your life. Reporter: What you're about to hear, are actually 911 calls from people in sinking cars. Help me. Oh, my god, I don't know what to do. The car is sinking. It's to my waist. I can't get out of the car. Reporter: Here's the headline you must remember. You have to get out of the car before it sinks. That means you likely have under a minute to get out. Speed is the key to saving your life. The first 30 to 60 seconds is when you have to get out of that vehicle. Reporter: He says it's too late to try to push a door open when the car is under water. So tht florida dive team shows whoa can be done. Ready to go. Reporter: Let's start the clock in real time. A second after hitting the water, seat belts off, windows down. Within eight seconds, both front seat passengers are out. Water rushing in the back seat. Passengers scramble. In some cars, rear windows won't roll down all the way. The escape is out the front. Everyone is safe all in under 20 seconds. Here again in slow motion, jeff, who was in the back seat. The car went down quicker than I thought it would. I had a real in-flow of water i had to work against to get out. But it can be done. Everybody knew what they were supposed to do. Get your seat belt off, open the window, get out. Period. Reporter: What about kids? Same scenario. Again, seat belts off, windows open, unstrap the oldest chi first, the youngest last. That's the best chance of getting the children out safely. They got out this window in 21 seconds. And if you can't get the window down, you'll need a backup. An inexpensive window break tool. Take a look when I gave it a try. You don't have to be strong. Anyone can do it. Starting next month, 911 operatorors will tell anyone in a sinking car, get out now. Lisa stark, abc news, naples, florida. And again, lisa wants us to

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Demonstration shows the right moves to make if your car is sinking under water.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"18810014","title":"What to Do: Car Sinking in Water, Only Seconds to React","url":"/WNT/video/car-sinking-water-seconds-react-18810014"}