Cardinals Prepare for Conclave, Voting to Begin Tuesday

American Catholic church members discuss reform as new pope enters stage.
2:21 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Cardinals Prepare for Conclave, Voting to Begin Tuesday
Conclave the vote to choose the next Pope will begin on Tuesday. The cardinals will soon move into a sequestered building near the Sistine Chapel. And we see their quiet rooms there is a bed inside a cross above it at a desk to study. There's also a chapel in the dorm and tonight the Italian press is reporting. That among those cardinals the division is growing on one side Roman insiders they say -- on the other Americans pushing for reform. So tonight ABC's Terry Moran talks to men and women in the American Catholic Church. For the reality of their views from here. They will choose the next -- the cardinals the princes of the church all men. All rigorously loyal to the conservative vision that now dominates church leader. Sometimes it all -- so far away so different from -- lives and concerns of Catholics here in America. Especially American nuns last year the Vatican crackdown on the main umbrella group of American nuns representing 80% of them. Accusing them of embracing radical feminism. But they and many other nuns have not -- science. We need both women and men voting for the Pope and we don't have that now and we need to work toward that. Sister Christine -- wants to change that Catholic how -- struck. I get very worried. When our daughters and our sons our city and in the pew on Sunday. And only ever see men taking roles at sacred works it's her but -- Tradition has such a strong poll we talk with sister Angela since mr. Obama here in new York and found that like many American Catholics -- they like things just the way they are. And war. The -- about it as if about it the -- -- as a father. -- mother for expansion mothers. Parish priest like monsignor Thomas Leonard who have the most direct contact with the faithful say -- things change slowly in the Catholic Church. Very slow women priests a woman -- Not going to happen. Not in my lifetime but as American Catholics look to Rome next week many may be wondering if not now. Win. Terry Moran ABC news New York.

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{"id":18688815,"title":"Cardinals Prepare for Conclave, Voting to Begin Tuesday","duration":"2:21","description":"American Catholic church members discuss reform as new pope enters stage.","url":"/WNT/video/cardinals-prepare-conclave-select-pope-voting-begin-tuesday-18688815","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}