Carnival Cancels All Scheduled Voyages Aboard the Triumph

A third tugboat has been dispatched to help tow the stranded cruise ship to shore.
2:10 | 02/13/13

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Transcript for Carnival Cancels All Scheduled Voyages Aboard the Triumph
And tonight, we have new images and some pretty horri horrifying tales of life on board that stranded vacation cruise ship. Oo third tug boat is now on its way to try to get the 4,200 people back to port. And abc's matt gutman flew out today to see the ship and who is standing out on deck. Reporter: Tonight, we saw firsthand the crippled "triumph" from the air. We're about 129 miles off the coast. Reporter: So, they have a ways to go? Yeah. Reporter: Limping towards land. It took us a little over 40 minutes to get out here by plane. But it could take that ship another 24 hours before it docks. There, on the deck, some of the 4,200 passengers on board, languishes in thventh day at sea. More than half of their time spent without power and limited sanitation. A far cry from the vacations passengers like ann barlow expected. Her texts, a chronicle of misery. Three days after fire kills the engine, she reassures her family. "We're all fine. A tug boat is coming. We don't know when we'll be home." 24 hours later -- "there is sewer runs down the walls and floors." She wrote, they are not fine. "Elderly and handicap are struggling." Other passengers texting about subsisting on cucumber and onion sandwiches. Also on board, 12-year-old rebecca. Her mom worried sick, driving through the night to be here. My baby's on there. And I don't know that she's okay. And she was scared. She was hysterically crying, mommy, I'm so scared. Reporter: Back on land, a photo of the ceo of carnival at the miami heat game last night is igniting the internet. Carnival says 3,000 ste working the issue, but so far the cruise line has refused to muster a single one of them for an on-camera interview. Tug boats will enough the ship into this terminal here and by the thousands, the passengers will go through that jet bridge AND BE TRIAGED BY EMTs. Then, they'll be bussed to new orleans where there are 1,500 rooms waiting. Carnival says it will increase the compensation to passengers by $500. Diane? All right, matt gutman, our thanks to you.

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{"id":18495388,"title":"Carnival Cancels All Scheduled Voyages Aboard the Triumph","duration":"2:10","description":"A third tugboat has been dispatched to help tow the stranded cruise ship to shore.","url":"/WNT/video/carnival-cancels-scheduled-voyages-aboard-triumph-18495388","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}