No Cease Fire Agreement Between Israel and Hamas

First Israeli casualty reported, major evacuations.
1:24 | 07/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for No Cease Fire Agreement Between Israel and Hamas
Meantime to the fast-moving developments tonight in the middle east. Last night here on "World news" we reported on talk of a possible cease fire, Egypt offering to broker the deal. Yet tonight the new warnings and the evacuations under way yet again at this hour. ABC's Alex Marquardt in the region again tonight. Reporter: Cheers today as a young crowd watched hamas rockets launch. Hopes for a ceasefire dashed. Israel answering the fire with air strikes of their own and prime minister netanyahu tonight vowing to now step up the campaign against hamas. Today, the first Israel casualty -- a man hit by a mortar while in gaza. Medical sources say almost 200 civilians in total have been killed. On the streets of gaza today, those we spoke with rejected any talk of ceasefire. They say Israel is laying siege to gaza, denying it goods and basic rights, making life here miserable. I want to continue defending our rights until we get something. It's not just sending rockets without meaning. Reporter: And David, tonight more than 100,000 people here in gaza are getting recorded calls and text messages from Israel's military telling them to evacuate their homes, warning that more strikes are imminent. Israel sending the unmistakable message that hamas's rejection of the cease fire will now have consequences. David? ABC's Alex Marquardt in gaza,

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{"id":24575442,"title":"No Cease Fire Agreement Between Israel and Hamas","duration":"1:24","description":"First Israeli casualty reported, major evacuations. ","url":"/WNT/video/cease-fire-agreement-israel-hamas-24575442","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}