Check Out These Roller Coasters Only Made in America

Chance Rides out of Wichita , Kansas, is the largest amusement ride manufacturer in the U.S.
2:17 | 08/21/15

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Transcript for Check Out These Roller Coasters Only Made in America
Finally tonight here, the roller coasters, the trains, the carousels, thousands of them made in America. Few of us ever think to ask while on a roller coaster, was it made in America? So, we traveled to Wichita, Kansas, for the answer. To chance rides, the largest ride manufacturer in America. Some of their rides take the more scenic route. Julian Hershey, here for 30 years. A family album like no other. The company started in 1861. Man, if I ever sell ten of these, I think I'll be successful. Well, this is number 384. Reporter: 384 and counting. More than 5,000 rides since the start. All of the rides made here in Wichita. This is our hometown. Reporter: More than 100 employees, the zipper, carous carousels, standing, priming, hand carving. And perhaps the best part of the family business? Test driving the rides. Yeah! People look at us, are you really going to get on that? Well, yeah, that's what we do. Reporter: All of it with three words in mind. Made in America! We love made in America. And as we say good night this evening, we know many of you home follow our reporting on Facebook. Late word today, we hit 2 million likes, and so tonight, a thank you. We got some news tonight. Our Facebook page hit 2 million. 2 million likes! Back on the job. Back on the job. 2 million of you at home following us on Facebook. Sending us messages. David Muir! Yeah! Oh! 2 million high fives. Made in America. Yes, sir. And proud of it. Proud of it. 2 million friends all across America. I got to buy a new TV. Watching "World news tonight." All right. 2 million who love those small town victories. Made in America! 2 million who follow our journeys on Facebook. Good evening tonight as we come to you live from the heart of historic Havana. Atlanta. From Iowa. Baltimore. Philadelphia tonight. From Washington tonight. 2 million friends who lift us up and only one way to say thanks. What do you say about 2 million likes?

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Chance Rides out of Wichita , Kansas, is the largest amusement ride manufacturer in the U.S. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33218129","title":"Check Out These Roller Coasters Only Made in America","url":"/WNT/video/check-roller-coasters-made-america-33218129"}