Chris Hegardt's Winning Spirit

Amazing young soccer star fights off liver cancer and gets to train with Barcelona soccer team.
1:57 | 10/02/13

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Transcript for Chris Hegardt's Winning Spirit
and save on refills at advaircopd.Com. Finally tonight, the very young soccer star who owes his wife to the game he loves and who teaches a lesson to everyone about dreams and really winning. From our friends at espn and e 60, jon donvan and the boy who is america strong. Reporter: A ball to the gut in the middle of the game. That was the tip-off that chris hegardt, one of the best kid soccer players in the u.S., -!$É 1 month shy of 8 years old, had something seriously wrong going on inside. He stayed down for a minute. You knew something wasn't right. He had, like, six or seven tumors within his liver, in all different sections of the liver. And he basically said, "we think this is cancer." Reporter: And next came what kids and parents who have been through this already know all too well. The chemo. The weakness. The hair loss. The wasting. I took him on a little walk, and just let him know he was going to be in the toughest competition of his life. Reporter: Like major surgery. When he was 9, chris got a liver transplant that headed off near certain death. But the game that he had loved and excelled at, that was over for good, right? Well, no, because chris was determined. Oh, he wouldn't miss practice. Don't tell his teachers, but i would pick him up early so he could come and rest so he could go to soccer practice. Reporter: Sometimes he COULDN'T FINISH SOCCER PRACTICE.uV But like the hair on his head, chris's old game made a slow, steady comeback. I was, like, really, super, duper happy. Reporter: And so was his new "ñeñ team, on the day they were trailing one-nothing in the state couple final, ten minutes to go. And his goal tied it. A few minutes later, the team scored again. They were champs, and chris, was named most valuable player. But we call that america strong. Jon donvan, abc news,

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{"id":20451836,"title":"Chris Hegardt's Winning Spirit","duration":"1:57","description":"Amazing young soccer star fights off liver cancer and gets to train with Barcelona soccer team.","url":"/WNT/video/chris-hegardts-winning-spirit-20451836","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}