Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Police Exchange Fire With Possible Suspect

Authorities track down man, believed to be fugitive ex-LAPD officer.
4:01 | 02/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Police Exchange Fire With Possible Suspect
Police closing in on the former cop accused of the murder rampage. Christopher dorner exchanging fire with s.W.A.T. Teams. Officers wounded, images streaming in of police officers, guns drawn, searching cars. And abc's cecilia vega is there to tell us what is happening right now. Cecilia? Reporter: Diane, good evening. The situation is still ongoing. This is what we know. Christopher dorner is holed up on a house on that mountain. Two officers have been shot and wounded. Los angeles police just went on live television to broadcast a plea to him. Telling him, enough is enough, it's time to turn yourself in. If he's watching this, a message for himself is, enough is enough. It's time to turn yourself in, it's time to stop the bloodshed. It's time to let this event and let this incident be over. Reporter: In the remote mountains above los angeles today, a violent shootout. Gun fire as officers in s.W.A.T. Gear closed in on the man accused of killing one of their own and tormentin an entire community for the past six days. The whole exchange broadcast on live television. Authorities say the suspect, holed up inside the hillside cabin, is christopher dorner, a former los angeles police officer skilled in sniper tactics. During that exchange of gun fire, two officers were injured. They've been air lifted to a local hospital. Right now, their condition is unknown. Reporter: It started this often when police say dorner burglarized a home, tied up two women and stole their vehicle. One of those women reportedly broke free and called for help. Then police say dorner may have crashed that car and fled to these cabins, barricading himself as teams of police officers with their rifles drawn fired. Well, I'm here all of bryant street and highway 38 where we are seeing a massive, and i can't reiterate this, a massive police presence. Reporter: All roads leadi iing to and from the mountain, closed. Some schools in the area, put on lockdown. The standoff is after dorner allegedly killed a former lieutenant's daughter and her fiance. He shot and killed a mrif, leading blitz on an international manhunt. One of the few clues he left behind? A chilling manifesto. After investigators posted a million dollar reward, more than 1,000 tips poured in, but all along, the chase continued on snowy big bear mountain. And police here very worried about nightfall now and if darkness will allow dorner to escape more easily. All of this, exceptional little tense on that mountain top. Some of it may have been alluded in that manifesto where he said, I have nothing to lose. All right, cecilia, as you said, an incredibly tense and dangerous afternoon. I want to bring in abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas right now. He's been in touch with his law enforcement sources. What have you learned? Reporter: Diane, sources are saying this could not be a more dangerous situation. Dorner is an expert in rifles and also small arms. They say that he has a deep-seeded hatred for police and they expect him to continue to hole up in that cabin. They do not expect him to come out alive. One law enforcement official said this man knows our tactics, he knows what we do in this circumstances, so, we have to be extremely careful. As cecilia said, as nightfall comes to that area, they have to keep eyes on the cabin. They have to know that he's not able to slip out there. Because they say, if he gets out, the killing will continue. And pierre, how much do they know? How sure are they the kind of weapons he has? Reporter: Well, he said in his manifesto that he has a .50 caliber rifle. He had access to assault rifles and all types of small arms. He also says that he has access to explosives.

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{"id":18481374,"title":"Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Police Exchange Fire With Possible Suspect","duration":"4:01","description":"Authorities track down man, believed to be fugitive ex-LAPD officer.","url":"/WNT/video/christopher-dorner-manhunt-police-exchange-fire-suspect-18481374","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}