City on edge after 3 mysterious bombings in less than 2

Authorities say the blasts, which have killed two and injured two, are related.
2:44 | 03/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for City on edge after 3 mysterious bombings in less than 2
And we begin tonight with a string of deadly bombs. Police investigating if there is a serial bomber on the loose in Austin, Texas, tonight. Two attacks today. Police say a teenager was killed and a woman badly injured when the device went off at their front door. A third blast, Daves ago. And while police were at the second scene today, the third went off elsewhere. ABC's Alex Perez leads us off from Austin. Reporter: Tonight, Austin, Texas, on edge. Investigators scrambling to track down a possible serial bomber. Three mysterious explosions in ten days, just miles apart. We got two people down, it looks like one in the door entry. Reporter: 6:44 this morning, a deadly blast. A 17-year-old African-American teen killed, an adult woman injured when they opened a package they discovered on their front porch. Neighbors horrified. I saw ambulance with my neighbor on a stretcher, so, that was terrifying to me. We have a trauma activation. Penetrating trauma, head and torso. Reporter: Then, at 11:50, another explosion just three miles away. Authorities rushing from the other crime scene. The package device detonating when an elderly hispanic woman handled it. She's critically injured. We just heard an explosion and it just felt it, like, move the ground. And that's when we walked out and we saw the smoke and the lady laying on the floor. Reporter: Police evacuating the neighborhood, putting small children on pulses, alerting everyone not to touch any suspicious packages. We've got a pattern of incidents that have occurred in this community over the past ten days, and so, we believe are related. Reporter: It's the third bombing since March 2nd. All within this 14-mile radius. The first killing, 39-year-old Anthony house. Police saying the packages not sent in the mail. They believe they were left on front porches in the middle of the night. These devices can explode in many ways, either by being moved or opened. If you see something that's out of place, do not handle it. Reporter: Federal and local authorities searching for surveillance video in these neighborhoods. They have no description of the suspect. You have heard something, however trivial you may believe it to be, that may be the piece of information that we need to crack this case. Alex Perez joins us live tonight from the scene of the third bomb. And Alex, authorities are not ruling out the possibility of a hate crime? Reporter: That's right. Authorities still on the scene here. Investigator says a possible hate crime is one of the possibilities on the table right now. Two of the victims were black, one of them was hispanic. Authorities say at this point, they're not ruling anything out. David? Alex Perez leading us off on a Monday night.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Authorities say the blasts, which have killed two and injured two, are related.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"53695044","title":"City on edge after 3 mysterious bombings in less than 2 ","url":"/WNT/video/city-edge-mysterious-bombings-53695044"}