Cleveland Abduction Suspect's Family Shocked by Arrest

Details on the suspect in the case of three young women who were held just miles from their homes.
3:00 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Cleveland Abduction Suspect's Family Shocked by Arrest
And I want to show you again the map david just showed us. The streets where the girls vanished, one after the other. And then, look. It was just five miles away that they were found. That is the house, five miles away, where they were held hostage. And all day, abc's alex perez has been gathering details about the suspects walking those streets. And asking the neighbors what they saw and what they missed. Alex? Reporter: Diane, it seem no, sir one who stepped foot on this block over the last few years, not even investigators, had the slightest idea what exactly was happening inside that house. Those who know castro say he was almost always cordial. But intensely private. Members -- not in my worst nightmare would I have imagined that my brother-in-laws would be involved in something like this. Reporter: -- To investigators. Nothing was provided to the city of cleveland from any of the neighbors living on that street. Reporter: It seems almost no one suspected ariel castro and his two brothers, pedro and onil, would ever be accused of abducting and holding three women hostage for nearly a decade. The first insight into who castro is, today. I enjoy working with children. But he was known by cops. Police came to his house in 2004, when castro was accused of leaving a student on a bus and cursing at the student. No one opened the door. And castro was later suspended. The first of later suspensions that ultimately ended with his firing in 2012, raising questions did authoritiemiss key opportunities to rescue the women? His brother-in-law juan alicea says castro was very picky when and kept his home off-limits. When you say private? He never had anybody come over. Reporter: So private that even his own daughter, who was the last person to see gina DeJesus. And was the last to see her. I decided to call my mom and ask her and so she gave me 50 cents to call my mom. And so my mom said no, that i can't go over to her house. And so, I told her I couldn't. And she said well, okay I'll talk to you later. And she just walked. Reporter: Many in his neighbor said castro was a curious neighbor. He played bass in several bands. He says castro was a solid musician who often times showed up late. But never seemed capable of what he's accused. And neighbors here say castro loved to hang out with the children on this block. They say he always seemed respectful. One of the many reasons many here say they never suspected anything.

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{"id":19128934,"title":"Cleveland Abduction Suspect's Family Shocked by Arrest","duration":"3:00","description":"Details on the suspect in the case of three young women who were held just miles from their homes.","url":"/WNT/video/cleveland-abduction-suspects-family-shocked-arrest-19128934","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}