Clinton Beats Sanders by a Hair

The next moves for the Democratic hopefuls as they try to grab a victory in New Hampshire.
2:54 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Clinton Beats Sanders by a Hair
We've set the days to go to New Hampshire on the democratic side tonight it's official. Hillary Clinton won Iowa but by the slimmest of margins the closest result for the Democrats and I what ever. Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tonight with former President Bill Clinton were both were given new life in previous campaigns but can she do would again there. Bernie Sanders leads a New Hampshire by double digits in his own backyard and tonight he's refusing to concede Iowa and you're about to hear why. ABC Cecilia Vega from New Hampshire. Make no mistake we are in any. Fight to the finish tonight Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both on the ground in New Hampshire after globe declaring victory in Iowa. I stand here tonight. Rating eight base I have relayed that. Bernie Sanders standing proud to. Refusing to concede. About half of the I would delegates. Race so tight in some Iowa precincts it took them we toss to break the time. I get I and it. Why I've lost there it's a lot better to win. Day I asked Bill Clinton about that photo finish. A democratic socialist from Vermont delivering a serious blow to Hillary Clinton's well oiled machine. I don't really and I am I. Sanders landing in New Hampshire enjoying a double digit lead her car. You. That's your flight. Or. Today dealing with the kids less body we V again. The political revolution. Not just in Iowa. Not just in New Hampshire but all all blocked this country. It but the clintons have a history of New Hampshire comebacks. I listened to you. And in the process. I found my own voice. Now Hillary Clinton is hoping for just one more. And Cecilia Vega reporting tonight still you're not run that plane last night from Iowa to New Hampshire together and when we landed. The race was even closer between Clinton and Sanders but that didn't seem to stop Hillary Clinton from getting up on that stage first last night. It's certainly didn't Davidson does not one has seen its 2008 repeat like she's sign Iowa a devastating loss for her there she is now. Here in New Hampshire you can see this right here behind you see is about to start. Another event today and even people inner inner circle though telling me this is going to be a really tough race for her he.

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{"id":36677325,"title":"Clinton Beats Sanders by a Hair","duration":"2:54","description":"The next moves for the Democratic hopefuls as they try to grab a victory in New Hampshire.","url":"/WNT/video/clinton-beats-sanders-hair-36677325","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}