Clinton Notes Women Couldn't Vote the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series

Clinton attracts her largest crowd this entire campaign in Arizona speaking to Latino voters.
5:19 | 11/03/16

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Transcript for Clinton Notes Women Couldn't Vote the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series
A full-court press from the trumps there, and from Hillary Clinton tonight, too. In North Carolina at this hour. This time last night, in Arizona. Considered a red state there, but she was there, surrounded by one of her largest crowds to date. The Illinois native happy about those cubs overnight, ending the curse. But she and trump are now both fighting for victory, of course. And ABC's Cecilia Vega this evening with the president, once again on Clinton's team. Reporter: Hillary Clinton in the final sprint. Are you ready to vote? Reporter: The long-time cubs fan, who watched the final game on an aide's iPad, now celebrating that big win. You know, the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. I think women are making up for that in this election. Reporter: Clinton fresh off a whirlwind, two-day, cross-country tour that took her from Florida to Arizona. This is one of Hillary Clinton's largest crowds of this entire campaign, here in Arizona. A Democrat hasn't won this state in 20 years. There, Clinton with the finish line in sight, trying to fire up Latino voters, making her case by going after Arizona's famous sheriff, Joe arpaio. I think it's time you had a new sheriff in town, don't you? Reporter: Today, her running mate, Tim kaine, amplifying that message, delivering a speech entirely in Spanish. A campaign first. Hillary Clinton Esta Lista. Reporter: Clinton's Latino supporters loving it. This woman telling me, Donald Trump doesn't respect women. Hello, Miami! Reporter: Today, president Obama taking on trump, too. Anybody who is upset about a "Saturday night live" skit, you don't want in charge of nuclear weapons. No, I'm serious. This is a guy who like, tweets they should cancel "Saturday night live." Really? I mean -- that's the thing that bothers you, and wasn't to be president of the United States? Come on, man. Come on. Reporter: On a college campus in Florida, calling on millenials to turn out for Clinton. Listen, especially for the young people out there, I know some of you, this is your first election where you've been paying attention. And you're out there and you're looking at it, you're saying, man, this is really nasty. Once you get past all the noise, and all the distractions, and all the okeydoke, the choice could not be clearer. Because Donald Trump -- don't -- don't boo -- Vote! Don't boo -- Vote. You already knew that. You can't boo. He can't hear you boo, but he can hear you vote. Reporter: The Obamas, the most powerful surrogates of this campaign. Clinton embracing the president after his rousing convention speech in Philadelphia. The two of them together, it is the last image her campaign wants voters to see as they head to the polls. Clinton's team revealing today, the night before the election, the Clintons and the Obamas will stand side-by-side at a massive rally in Philadelphia. And Cecilia Vega is with us from North Carolina. And seal see Ya, have evening, word of a possible scam, telling voters they can simply text their vote for Hillary Clinton? Reporter: Exactly, David. This is a scam that was circulating on Twitter. Gives a five-digit number, telling people they can text their vote. Take a look. One of them has the hash tag right there, I'm with her. Says gives that number that people can text their vote to. The other using Hillary Clinton's photo. Of course, you cannot text a vote anywhere. It is not allowed. David, as election day grows closer, calls to watch out for scams just like this one are growing, as well. David? Cecilia Vega there in north Carolina. Cecilia, thank you. Hillary Clinton and that 24-hour swing coast to coast. Mr. And Mrs. Trump both out there today. But tonight, for everyone at home, it really all about this map. The path to 270. Jonathan Karl has been crunching the numbers. New polls out just as we're on the air tonight you a new hope for both of them. Reporter: Absolutely. If you look at where we are overall, David. The blue states, of course, Hillary Clinton, red states favor Donald Trump. Right now, she has enough, just by holding those blue states, to get to 270. Look at the top of the map, Donald Trump at 204 with his red states. He needs more. But here's where the hope is for both of them. First of all, the state of Florida is where the Hillary Clinton team is most confident. They believe based on the early vote, they can win Florida. That would effectively end this race. They have a new poll out today in Georgia that shows a tie race. As for Donald Trump, they see hope you in Pennsylvania and even in New Hampshire. Both haveeen solidly Democrat. Both are trending towards trump. Jon Karl with us tonight, tracking that map every step of the way. Jon, thank you. And a reminder, five days to go now, and on election night, our coverage begins, of course, with "World news tonight." And then at 7:00 P.M. Eastern, I'll be joining George and the entire powerhouse political team. We will be here all night long.

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{"id":43289982,"title":"Clinton Notes Women Couldn't Vote the Last Time the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series","duration":"5:19","description":"Clinton attracts her largest crowd this entire campaign in Arizona speaking to Latino voters.","url":"/WNT/video/clinton-notes-women-vote-time-chicago-cubs-won-43289982","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}