Congress set to vote to repeal Obamacare

Trump warns Congress to keep their promise to repeal, but not all conservative members agree with the president.
3:46 | 03/21/17

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Transcript for Congress set to vote to repeal Obamacare
The clock is ticking. The house is set to vote on that high stakes health care reform on Thursday, and president trump is trying to close the deal. Traveling to the capital, telling Republicans they must keep their promise to repeal Obamacare or pay the price. Speaker Paul Ryan saying the president knocked the ball out of park. But did he? Some of the conservative members of the president's own party are still not on board. ABC's Mary Bruce on capitol hill tonight. Reporter: The closer in chief on capitol hill to make his final argument. With a wave, a thumbs up and a warning. Mr. President, can you get the votes? Reporter: Huddling with Republicans for nearly an hour. Lawmakers snapping photos as the president used charm and a strong arm. Insisting they would be fools not to support the bill, cautioning a no-vote could cost them in the mid terms. Saying if he doesn't get on board I'm going to come after you. Jon Karl asking the press secretary if it's a threat. I think they will pay a price at home. Will they campaign against it? Let's get through the vote, and we'll remember those who stood by us and stood by the word they gave to their voters. Reporter: Are making changes. These changes give states flexibility over medicaid spending, requiring people to show proof they are working, and to moderate to boost aid for older Americans to buy insurance. Under the original bill, a 64-year-old earning $26,000 a year would see their premium spike by nearly $13,000. Some members tell us they are now on board. You know, there are a few other things I might have liked to get, but this moved me and others and hopefully, it will get us over the line. Reporter: Many on the far line on the there. We're still a no. Are you supporting the health care bill? No right now. Even with the changes? Undecided. Thank you. Reporter: 22 no votes could kill the bill in the house. By hour count, at least that many members are voting no or still on the fence. Even if president trump gets them to yes, the bill still faces major hurdles. I believe the house bill does not accomplish the task in front of it. This bill will not pass the United States senate. The president and speaker Ryan with more work to do. Mary Bruce joins us from capitol hill, and Mary tonight, the cbo is reviewing the revisions to the bill. What can we expect to hear from them? Reporter: Tom, we expect to hear before Thursday's vote how these revisions will impact Americans, and their premiums. Last week, they determined the original bill would leave 24 million fewer Americans with coverage under that bill. Experts tell us that number is unlikely to significantly change. Tom. Thank you. Let's go to our chief white house correspondent, Jonathan Karl. The white house says Republicans who vote no will pay a price. What is the president WHPD to tell them in the final hours? Reporter: The president is saying if Republicans fail on this, they could face steep losses in the midterm elections. The president is all in, and not just because a signature campaign promise is at stake. Not just because a loss here could jeopardize the agenda, but this is nothing less than the president's brand. He is the deal maker. He needs to prove he can close the deal on this. The white house I remember IFS I have spoken to say they are optimistic they will get victory in the house. Frankly, there is no plan "B" here at the white house.

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{"id":46288642,"title":"Congress set to vote to repeal Obamacare ","duration":"3:46","description":"Trump warns Congress to keep their promise to repeal, but not all conservative members agree with the president.","url":"/WNT/video/congress-set-vote-repeal-obamacare-46288642","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}