Connecticut Shooting: Parents Seek Information About Loved Ones

Chris Cuomo describes efforts to get information in the chaos after school shooting.
2:53 | 12/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Connecticut Shooting: Parents Seek Information About Loved Ones
Now I want to bring back "20/20" anchor chris cuomo, because you talked to parents who had to wait to see if their children survived. Imagine the first word they got was the school was on lock down. They thought their kids were making gingerbread houses today at the elementary school. That was the plan. They rushed there, there's chaos, to be imagined in these situations, but to not know for so long. Not because of disarray, just because of of the situation. Inside are the children living through this event. Those who survived, their parents home someday they'll be able to forget. We spoke to one little girl and her mother who are very happy to have each other tonight. What do you remember? What happened? We got to school. We heard all this racquet in our class for a minute. We were like all scared. Then we heard them say, go into your cuby. Everybody went to their cubby 37. Yes. Did you hear any more bad noise says? Yes. Reporter: While that was going on, your teacher was reading you books and keeping you calm? Yes. You love your teacher did she seem nervous? No. She just kept you calm and told you a story. Yes. Do you remember which one? She read us the nutcracker and another book that was about christmas. Reporter: I love the nutcracker. Do you love it? Yes. Reporter: I'm afraid of the mouse king. Be honest, it's not just me. So you're in there, how do you leave the classroom? We got in a line and we had to close our eyes. Reporter: You had to close your eyes? Yes. When you opened them, where were you? We were walking down to the fire station. Reporter: What happened there today happened and it's over, okay? And you have to be happy that you're okay. Are you okay? I didn't even check you out, are you all right? Yes. What happened here in the front? Did you have teeth there this morning when you went there? No. Reporter: Good. You're aware you're missing those teeth? Yes. Reporter: You got a christmas list made sent to santa? Yeah. How long is the list? Two pieces of paper. Reporter: It was a long list. She's in better shape with santa after what she lived through today. But the biggest gift with these families, these teacher, first responders today, the calm in the face of a situation like this, leading these kids out, making sure they had their eyes closed and they got the kids to safety as many as they could. They knew that was the main thing they had to do and they called on all their courage and tr training. Thank you so much. We do love her smile.

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{"id":17979414,"title":"Connecticut Shooting: Parents Seek Information About Loved Ones","duration":"2:53","description":"Chris Cuomo describes efforts to get information in the chaos after school shooting.","url":"/WNT/video/connecticut-shooting-parents-seek-information-loved-17979414","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}