Costly Mistake: Target Paying for Overcharging Customers

Target agrees to pay $4 million after being accused of false advertising.
1:31 | 02/11/15

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Transcript for Costly Mistake: Target Paying for Overcharging Customers
giant retail store paying for a costly mistake. Allegedly charging you more at the checkout than what it said on the shelf. Here's ABC's linsey Davis. Reporter: Target, the retailer known for its trademark bullseye, now agreeing to pay nearly $4 million after being accused of false advertising. California prosecutors sued the country's second-largest discount retailer, alleging it sometimes charged higher prices at checkout than on the sticker prices on the shelves. You can't expect the consumer to have to come in with a magnifying glass to see a little expiration date on the price sign. Reporter: Target telling ABC news "The primary sources of the pricing errors were promotional signs that were not removed immediately after the promotion ended. And we've taken steps to fix the problem." Consumers should be able to pay the advertised price when they see an item, and if they pay more, they need to complain and get back the difference. Reporter: This is happening all over the country. Last year, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart all paid up after North Carolina department of agriculture and consumer services inspectors found scanner errors. That same year, Wisconsin reported that Walgreens paid nearly $30,000 after a statewide inspection found what was rung up at the cash registers at their stores was not always the same as advertised. A true case of buyer beware. We were assured today that at most stores, including target, the checkout person has the power to give you that sale price you saw on the shelf. You just have to ask for it, David. Be vigilant. Hold them too it. Thank you. When we come back here

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{"id":28905542,"title":"Costly Mistake: Target Paying for Overcharging Customers","duration":"1:31","description":"Target agrees to pay $4 million after being accused of false advertising.","url":"/WNT/video/costly-mistake-target-paying-overcharging-customers-28905542","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}