COVID-19 death rate climb in 25 states

Hospitals are filing up in Miami, now the epicenter of the virus in the U.S., as Oklahoma's governor tested positive.
4:56 | 07/15/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for COVID-19 death rate climb in 25 states
But we begin with the developing news on the coronavirus. Only worsening in the U.S. Icus across the south filling at an alarming rate. Florida, the new epicenter, more than 50 icus already maxed out. Tonight the death toll is rising in 25 states, more than 137,000 lives now lost. Florida after setting a daily record for deaths reporting 112 more lives lost today. 56 hospitals in that state have no more icu beds. Texas tonight reporting a record 110 deaths today. The army now sending doctors and nurses to Houston. A new record in California, more than 121,000 cases in a single day. In one hospital in one hard-hit county they told us just three icu beds left. In Arizona tonight the state health department there bringing in nearly 600 nurses from out of state to help. The nation's first governor testing positive, Oklahoma's governor who attended that rally for president trump, the image of him with no mask. He says he believes he got it afterward. Just today Alabama's governor mandating masks statewide acknowledging, quote, the numbers do not lie. The situation growing more dire across several states including that concern over icus in Florida and Victor Oquendo is there tonight leading us off. Reporter: Miami now the epicenter of a national crisis, hospitals are filling up, statewide, 56 icus are at capacity. Inside this warehouse, a daily rush to get supplies to those on the front lines. Boxes of ppe, gloves, masks. Masks and gloves. These come in and out daily. I don't think there's ever enough at this point because we don't know what the conditions are going to bring to us. If things don't improve dramatically over the next week we could be forced to take very dramatic measures like reinstituting a stay-at-home order. Reporter: Schools here in south Florida won't re-open for now, but teacher Stefanie Miller beach once again ready for patients if needed. We're afraid of going back and catching it. Our immune systems are low as it is. We catch every flu the kids have so we're very suss sentable. Reporter: Schools this San Francisco and Houston also planning to start the year online. Help is on the way for Houston doctors and nurses caring for thousands of patients. The army setting up a new covid ward to ease the burden. Months after we saw those refrigerated trucks outside a New York hospital Texas counties getting them ready as morgues fill up. Hard to talk about when people's loved ones are dying. There's only so many places to put bodies and we're out of space. Reporter: In California our Matt Gutman spoke to misty Diaz, last night she and her brothers said good-bye to their father. His nurse was straight up with us. There's nothing that we can do. And I called my dad via -- like a video conferencing thing that they have and I talked to him for about 30 minutes and we each took our turn. I didn't think he would go out this way, Matt. Not this way. Reporter: Her father was there for her 28 spina bifida surgeries but Jose died this morning. Never him. Maybe me. But never him. Reporter: He had been in the icu with covid for more than two week, a journey misty documenting on social media. This wordless video going viral. Misty is now using her platform to plead with people to wear a mask. The death rate now climbing in 25 states. Half the country in Oklahoma where cases are soaring, the governor today revealing he too has covid. I got tested yesterday for covid-19 and the results came back positive. So I feel fine. Reporter: Kevin Stitt saying he does not believe he contracted the virus at the president's Tulsa rally and has resisted any statewide mask mandate but in the state of Alabama a new order requiring them. Violators could face a $500 fine, even jail time. Folks, the numbers just do not lie. Reporter: On the deadliest day yet the governor warning hospitals could soon be overwhelmed. The numbers and the data over the past few weeks are definitely trending in the wrong direction. Mandating masks in Alabama late today. Victor joins us from outside the convention center in Miami beach where a field hospital has been set up if needed. Reporter: David, right now all eyes are on the hospitals here in miami-dade county. Icus are operating at surge capacity but they are able to manage. Now, if it gets to the point where they can't they're ready at the Miami beach convention center. The field hospital inside can handle more than 400 patients. All right, Victor Oquendo, our thanks to you and Matt

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Hospitals are filing up in Miami, now the epicenter of the virus in the U.S., as Oklahoma's governor tested positive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71807432","title":"COVID-19 death rate climb in 25 states","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-death-rate-climb-25-states-71807432"}