COVID-19 vaccines readily available across the nation

More than 103 million Americans are now fully vaccinated.
2:38 | 05/02/21

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Transcript for COVID-19 vaccines readily available across the nation
Will, thank you. Now the critical next phase in the battle against the pandemic. Vaccines readily available across the U.S., but the daily average of shots has dropped 22%. Health officials are trying to make it easy. Setting up a pop-up clinic at today's Milwaukee bucks game. Here's Trevor Ault with the latest. Reporter: Tonight, the critical next phase in the race to get people vaccinated. With daily shots down 22%, health officials trying to sway the Americans on the fence. This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated. Reporter: Physicians like North Carolina doctor Karen Smith are using microtargeting, reaching out to individuals at a church, a poultry plant, and a convenience store. We're setting up trust in a health care system, which many of these individuals lost a long time ago. Reporter: Vaccine hesitancy is a major concern in Texas. Weekly shots there plummeting more than 50%. And this week, the state slated to have a surplus of half a million doses, with no clinics asking for them. Dallas mother Heather Simpson, once an adamant anti-vaxxer, now advocating for people to trust the science. If somebody can see me and think, she was very anti-vaccine and she is getting the covid vaccine, maybe they can feel safer about it and maybe follow after my lead. Reporter: And new virus outbreaks are still popping up. In republic, Washington, indoor events at one venue leaving 10% of the city infected. And in Oregon, with cases climbing 123%, Maria nazrio fears the worst. Her 2-year-old son Jeremiah took months to recover from the virus. What happens if we were to get covid again? Is he going to react the exact same way as before? That's my biggest fear. Reporter: As early as tomorrow, the fda may grant emergency authorization to administer the pfizer vaccine to children between 12 and 15. 12-year-old Caleb Chung is part of the trial. I definitely hope we get back to whatever we would call a normal eventually, soon. So many hoping for that. Trevor, joining us now from a mass vaccination site in new York City. If the fda does authorize the vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds, how soon could they start getting the shot? Reporter: It wouldn't be immediate. The labels would need to be updated, and the CDC advisory committee would have to meet to add that recommendation. But it's likely younger teenagers could start to receive their first shots by the end of the month. Trevor, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"More than 103 million Americans are now fully vaccinated.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77453900","title":"COVID-19 vaccines readily available across the nation","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-vaccines-readily-nation-77453900"}