COVID hospitalizations jump in over half of the US

ICUs overflow in California; paramedics tackle the hardest-hit county in Arizona; Texas reported over 10,000 new coronavirus cases in 24-hours and testing capacity is getting strained.
5:21 | 07/07/20

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Transcript for COVID hospitalizations jump in over half of the US
Good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy Tuesday night. There are fast-moving developments in the Kroes pandemic. The U.S. Approaching 3 million cases, more than any other country. Tonight, the dire steps inside hospitals in the U.S. Five members of one family coming down with the virus. The family matriarch dying just three days after her diagnosis. More than 131,000 lives have now been lost and tonight, a new model from the university of Washington now projecting the death toll could rise above 200,000 by November. Tonight, Florida reporting a staggering 7,300 new cases in just the past 24 hours. 63 deaths. Some Florida hospitals now running short on icu beds and still, authorities in that state are ordering schools to open in Texas reporting more than 10,000 new cases in 24 hours. The Pentagon tonight is now sending medical and support personnel to hard-hit San Antonio. Arizona meanwhile reporting more than 3,600 new cases. 117 deaths. You can see there, people waiting in their cars for hours for tests. Tonight, the story of one man who waited 27 days for his results. Amid the spreading virus, new York now adding three more states to the list of 19 states visitors coming to New York must go into their own 14-day quarantine upon arriving here. And this evening, president trump late today saying he will put pressure on governors to open schools across this country this fall. And this evening, news on how long those tiny virus particles could actually linger in the we will get to it all, and ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman leading us off. Reporter: With the country closing in on 3 million Americans covid cases tonight, hospitalizations increasing in 28 states. Some pushed to the very brink. Our hospitals are very full. At every hospital in the county, there's many covid patients who are very sick. Reporter: At the Ventura county medical center in California, icu mash patienting spilling into the E.R. Across the country, over 300,000 new cases in just the past six days. The virus ripping through entire families, like the sanchezes of California. Five members infected. Daughter Brenda didn't think she'd survive. My thinking was, if I end up in the hospital, I'm going to go, too. I'm going to die. Reporter: Brenda's mother, the family matriarch, died only three days after testing positive. Today, we rode along with the Phoenix fire department in the zip code with the most covid cases in all of Arizona. So, we just learned that this is a possible covid call. Everybody's got N-95s on. About 50% of all the calls that this station does are covid calls. Martin molina tells paramedics he's had splitting headaches for two days. His girlfriend Yesenia Lopez comes out. She had just given birth three are you scared about what's going on inside your house? To be honest, yes, because we're all together. Plus, my little boy, because I had him on Saturday. Reporter: Like so many here, three generations of the Lopez family living under one roof. Yesenia has had symptoms, one of her children has also had a fever. Scared, confused. Reporter: I bet you're scared. It's terrifying. What are you going to do? As the emotion wells up, she clutches that St. Jude pendant. The wristbands from the hospital still there. I know, my mom can help me out, but -- Reporter: Martin finally taken to the hospital. Is this a typical call? Yeah, this is what we see, there's a proud tradition of families living together and unfortunately, that's the situation for affordability where they're all under one roof. Reporter: But reinforcements are on the way. The U.S. Military sending nurses and respiratory specialists to San Antonio. We are days away from overrunning our hospitals. Reporter: In Florida, 100 nurses headed to Miami, where ventilator use has more than doubled. 50-plus hospitals across the state at icu capacity. At the same time, the state orderering schools to open next month for five days a week for all students. The president today saying he'll also push to reopen schools. We are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools. Reporter: With virus raging, testing sites packed, supplies are depleted and the labs are backed up. Robert rezetko had symptoms and was tested at an urgent care in Tucson, isolating himself from his family and then waiting 27 days to learn he didn't have the virus. That specimen was sitting in a lab in Phoenix, apparently, for three weeks, 21, 24 days. So, is the test result even valid? Reassuring news, but he waited 27 days, as you pointed there, Matt. Matt Gutman from Phoenix tonight. I know you have more on that new forecast, that new projection, looking at the potential death toll here in the U.S., going into the fall, Matt? Reporter: Yes, David. That university of Washington poll, it's a model, predicted 208,000 deaths by November 1st. But those numbers could change, if the present number of people in at-risk populations continues to surge, then more people will but if nearly all of the population begins to wear masks, then up to 45,000 lives could be saved. David? Of course, we see that mask around your neck again tonight. Matt Gutman, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"ICUs overflow in California; paramedics tackle the hardest-hit county in Arizona; Texas reported over 10,000 new coronavirus cases in 24-hours and testing capacity is getting strained. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71657710","title":"COVID hospitalizations jump in over half of the US","url":"/WNT/video/covid-hospitalizations-jump-half-us-71657710"}