Crash Landing Caught on Tape: New Seat Design Saved Passengers

Officials say jet went down just before landing in Bali, all 108 on board survived.
2:20 | 04/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crash Landing Caught on Tape: New Seat Design Saved Passengers
here behind me, a terrifying crash landing in one of the most beautiful vacation places on earth. The fuselage broken in two. You can see the headline, everyone surviving. Authorities are pointing to something new about the passenger seat. The moments after the crash in bali, the cell phone caught the chaos, passengers and crew skrak blg to get out. Passengers standing on the wings of the plane. Fishing boats pulling up to help. Lisa stark on the final moments of that flight and the remarkable story of survival. Reporter: Terrifying moments on board an indonesia jet liner that slammed into the ocean just short of the runway on the resort island of bali. Officials say thplane with 108 passengers and crew was coming in for a landing but never made it to the runway, crashing into shallow water and breaking into two. Passengers report panic and screaming on board as they scrambled to get out of the boeing 737. Everyone survived. Although dozens were injured. This man says he grabbed a life jacket and swam to shore. This passenger didn't know how to swim, rescuers carried him. The flight was operated by indonesia's largest carrier lion air which has a checkered safety record. It's on a list of airlines banned in europe. The european union does publish their blacklist and fliers into different parts of the world ought to check the blacklist. Reporter: The boeing 737 was brand new, delivered just two months ago and had all the latest safety features. Probably the most important is that it was e quipped with 16 g seats. These are seats that really can sustain a hard impact. Reporter: It's unusual for planes to go down short of a runway. This crash in nigeria was blamed on engine trouble. Other instances include running out of fuel, mechanical problems or pilot error. Reporter: There are thousands OF THESE NEW BOEING 737s Worldwide. U.S. Crash investigators are eager to know what went wrong. They are heading to indonesia so they can see what the black

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{"id":18949180,"title":"Crash Landing Caught on Tape: New Seat Design Saved Passengers","duration":"2:20","description":"Officials say jet went down just before landing in Bali, all 108 on board survived.","url":"/WNT/video/crash-landing-caught-tape-seat-design-saved-passengers-18949180","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}