Crowds gathered for post-Thanksgiving deals despite COVID-19 warnings

Some U.S. stores saw an early morning rush of shoppers, but many were largely empty.
4:35 | 11/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crowds gathered for post-Thanksgiving deals despite COVID-19 warnings
Good evening and thanks much for joining us on a busy Friday night I'm Lindsey Davis in for David. We begin tonight with the alarming surge in corona virus cases across the country as many still lament this un usual Thanksgiving holiday. The US is now reporting more than thirteen million cases nationwide. And amid dire warnings of what will likely come next. Los Angeles now issue stricter stay at home orders. As we come on the air tonight more than 264000. American lives have been lost. The middle of the pandemic Black Friday lacking most of its traditional chaos as shoppers head to stores across the country. Famed Mall of America relatively quiet today due to cope with restrictions many customers opting to do their shopping online instead. Millions of people driving and flying in spite of all the warnings about the risks of spreading the virus and creating a spike in already surging numbers. ABC's GO Benitez leads us off. Tonight a new crackdown in the fight against the corona virus Los Angeles officials issuing a stay at home order starting Monday. Banning all public and private gatherings with people outside of your own household except for church services and protests. The new restrictions coming days after the county banned outdoor dining at restaurants. New infections rising nearly 20% out west in the last week. Four states including California hitting record high points and all of this as crowds gather for those post Thanksgiving deals many determined to shop in person. I mean pandemic and I mean they didn't really mattered and I mean I just didn't get it online. And this is the last resort. Some store seeing an early morning rush of shoppers but many were largely empty a very different Black Friday. The CDC warning shopping in crowded stores puts you at higher risk of catching covad nineteen. No I'm not nervous about it and the this is lovely keep our distance. Korea. For Teixeira litigated. To keep people safe business is ramping up curbside pickup limiting capacity insiders and making sure customers Wear masks officials in Vermont telling residents who held Thanksgiving gatherings with people outside their own household. To take urgent action to stop the spread. If you have had one of those gatherings. Yesterday. They you shouldn't send your kids to school. And now people heading home nearly seven million flying for the holiday since last Friday tens of millions on the road experts warning this could cause a surge upon the surge already under way. Michael serve as it seeks support weeks. You that we don't do things right America is going to see that dark days in more American many history. More than 90000 Americans now hospitalized with Covert breaking the record for the seventeenth day in a row. The virus claiming nearly 111000 American lives this past week. About one person dying every minute the crushing loss taking a terrible emotional to coal. It's been really difficult to watch my colleagues. Answered let's see them trying to halt peace and support Stanley members. As they are caring for their one. Nearly 3400. People hospitalized with Covert and Indiana or record couple 103%. In the past month. Some hospitals running out of bed soon. All these patients how to cook it on the scene and it's a thirteen bed unit and we're completely fill up here. The virus infecting thirteen million people but the CDC now saying the number of infections through September might have been far higher. 8 times higher used the girl in San Antonio Paul Rodriguez 52 year old father got infected in July. Our pre existing conditions. And their arms and legs. And I'm yeah but we're lung transplant it was pretty obvious. That. Dad his days were numbered and that if we did in each agreed do something he was not gonna make it to see this Thanksgiving of this Chris. Paul's double lung transplant just six weeks ago soon foreign giving him a new lease on life. Want to hear that apology opening test joins us now from New York City Ngo we know the vaccine cannot come soon enough and you just learn at CDC officials plan to meet next week for Tebow. Yeah that's right Lindsay CDC advisors are gonna meet on Tuesday they're gonna look at the data and decide who should be getting that vaccine first if it's approved. Also tonight the Wall Street Journal's reporting. That United Airlines is using charter flights to get Pfizer's vaccine into position for rapid distribution but again. That is only if federal regulators give it that green lights. GO thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Some U.S. stores saw an early morning rush of shoppers, but many were largely empty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74433987","title":"Crowds gathered for post-Thanksgiving deals despite COVID-19 warnings","url":"/WNT/video/crowds-gathered-post-thanksgiving-deals-covid-19-warnings-74433987"}