Dad creates ‘dance dates’ to support son in chemotherapy

Chuck Yielding dances to his son Aiden’s song requests in the parking lot of the hospital.
1:38 | 09/27/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dad creates ‘dance dates’ to support son in chemotherapy
Finally tonight, "America strong." The father pulling out all the dance moves for a very important audience. Reporter: When chuck and Lori yielding from ft. Worth, Texas, took their son Aiden to the doctor in April with a prolonged high fever and chills, they thought he might have covid-19. Wasn't getting any better. And I called the pediatrician and said I need help. Reporter: After a series of tests, their 14-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia. Everything just happened so fast. You have leukemia. Go, go, go. It's gut wrenching, it's absolutely gut wrenching. Reporter: Hiss father as you can imagine overcome with emotions. It's a tough situation. Reporter: Now every Tuesday, Aiden goes to cook children's hospital for his nearly three-hour chemotherapy treatments. And with covid-19 restrictions in place, only one parent is allowed to be with him inside. One day I guess he was having a bad time. I said, hey, check this out. And I just started dancing. Chuck walks Aiden to the hospital door, goes back to his car, calls Aiden, gets his dance request and lets loose. Chuck's weekly "Dad dancing" even becoming the talk of the hospital parking lot. The sprinkler, the law nmower, the wave and the disco, even inventing their own dance, called the "Koolemia." Even Aiden's friends are taking notice. Your dad's got some moves. Reporter: Tonight, father and son perfecting those dance moves and keeping that positive at attitude. It just brings so much joy to him. Dad definitely has the moves.

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{"duration":"1:38","description":"Chuck Yielding dances to his son Aiden’s song requests in the parking lot of the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"73280561","title":"Dad creates ‘dance dates’ to support son in chemotherapy","url":"/WNT/video/dad-creates-dance-dates-support-son-chemotherapy-73280561"}