Day after election, US awaits final results

A razor-thin margin in Wisconsin shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the apparent winner. Key battleground states North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania are still in play.
4:55 | 11/05/20

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Transcript for Day after election, US awaits final results
Wednesday night. A very tense nation still waiting tonight to learn who will be the next president of the United States. So many Americans exhausted by this pandemic, exhausted by these polarized times and now Americans across this country are being asked for their patience and every vote is and we knew in this pandemic, it could take time. There is news coming in tonight. Two key states now, ABCs can now project former vice president Joe Biden will win the state of Michigan. Of course, was a crucial part of Biden's strategy to try to rebuild that blue wall for Democrats. And with 100% of the precincts reporting in Wisconsin tonight, ABC news can characterize Joe Biden the winner in Wisconsin. Biden appearing to win by about the same margin president trump won that state four years ago. Tonight, the president's campaign now saying it will demand a recount in Wisconsin. So, where do things stand tonight? Former vice president Joe Biden has won 21 states and Washington, D.C. 253 E tech tomorrow votes. President trump has won 23 states, 214 electoral votes. Th about reaching 270. And Joe Biden leading in the popular vote tonight by more than 3 million votes. Here's the map. You can see the key battleground states in gray, where it's still close to call, from Pennsylvania, we go south there to North Carolina and Georgia. Then out west to Arizona and Nevada and you can see the great lake states there, Wisconsin and Michigan, now blue for Joe Biden. We did hear from the former vice president Joe Biden late today about what he sees in the immediate days ahead and news tonight from the trump campaign now crafting its legal strategy moving toward, but we want to get to the big board again tonight where it's close, where we're still waiting. Tom llamas with us again this evening. Wisconsin, Michigan for Joe Biden, so where does Pennsylvania stand tonight? Let's dig in a little deeper on Pennsylvania. This is the main battleground we're watching at this hour right now, David. I'm going to blow it up for you. If you look at the score right now, the amount of electoral votes, there's a spread of 277,000. So, the president has a commanding lead. The problem right now for the president is, there's still a million ballots that have yet to be counted, right? So, you ask yourself, where are those ballots coming from? They are coming from areas where Democrats do really well. The area of Pittsburgh and the suburbs and the area of Philadelphia and the suburbs, as well. That's why Democrats feel they can eventually catch up. The Biden team saying they can catch up, given where those votes are. Both campaigns sounding confident in Pennsylvania. Let's go south. North Carolina and Georgia. The trump campaign feeling good about both states but the Biden camp hopeful in Georgia tonight? That's right. In North Carolina, president trump has a lead there. Let's dig in in deeper and talk to you about the numbers again. When we talk about the numbers here, there is a 58,000-vote difference, it is razor tight in Georgia right now. But here's the problem for the president. There's 200,000 votes that have yet to be counted. Where are those votes coming from? They coming from democratic headquarters, essentially, in Georgia, right there in Atlanta, all those counties that is the big blue area for Democrats right now. That's where they've been able to drive up the score in other elections and that's why Joe Biden still feels he has a chance in Georgia. All right, all eyes on metro Atlanta. Let's go out west, Tom. Arizona and Nevada, very close and they're going to be pivotal. In Nevada, a very close race. Joe Biden is on top by about 8,000 votes but let's dig in a little deeper in Arizona. These are where the numbers are right now. In Arizona, a 90,000-vote difference. Joe Biden on top right now. But there's still 400,000 votes to go and this is why the president thinks he may have a chance in Arizona. The problem, it's in maricopa county right now. Maricopa county is Phoenix, where one of the largest cities in the entire state is and so far, Joe Biden has a commanding lead in that county. All right, Tom, you and I have been studying these pathways for both campaigns. The Biden campaign tonight very hope thafl if they can hold only the states where they're currently leading right now, they believe that's their path to the white house. That's right. For the purpose of this segment, we haven't projected Alaska, but going to give that to president trump, because that's historically how it breaks. Look at the path for Joe Biden tonight. Arizona, if he wins there, and Nevada, look at this number, David, 270. He gets to become president. Now, it's a different story for president trump. That's right. Broken record for me and you, Tom, we talk about Pennsylvania and even more crucial as we get closer to that key number of 270. That's right. The president's electoral votes are right there, 217. He has to win Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, but look up there, it's still not it is not 270. He has to come out west and either win Nevada or Arizona. It's a little bit more difficult, even much more difficult for the president tonight. I wanted to make sure you were still awake, Tom. I'm awake, David, and the board is juiced up, maybe a little tired. We'll see you, 10:00 P.M. For our prime time special. Tom, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"A razor-thin margin in Wisconsin shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the apparent winner. Key battleground states North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania are still in play.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"74028289","title":"Day after election, US awaits final results","url":"/WNT/video/day-election-us-awaits-final-results-74028289"}