Deadly On-Air Shooting in Virginia

Two journalists killed on live television by former colleague, police say
3:00 | 08/27/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly On-Air Shooting in Virginia
David tonight. We want to get right to that deadly shooting in Virginia. A gunman targeting two young journalists with cameras rolling, theirs and his. Two journalists killed, another victim expect to survive. The gunman killed himself after a police chase. We'll never know why he set out not just to murder but to broadcast the crime on live TV and by filming it himself for social media. Something we wrestled with today, whether to grant the gunman his last wish by playing his video. We will not. Our team coverage starts with Jim Avila. Reporter: A live TV interview on local tourism fatally interpreted. No warnings, just bullets followed by screams. After the victim's fall, the shooter's image briefly captured on camera before he flees. The anchor back in the studio is stunned. I heard a pow, pow, pow and it did not register that it was gunshots. It probably should have but she's doing a little feature at the at the lake. Reporter: In the control room, the news photographer's fiance, a producer, watching it unfold. Our morning crew was live this morning at smith mountain lake when shots were fired around 6:45. Our general manager and WDBJ 7 vice-president Jeff marks is here. Reporter: Then this solemn announcement. Alison and Adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. Reporter: The two dead, 24-year-old Alison parker, the reporter conducting the interview, and the man behind the camera, 27-year-old Adam ward. The woman interviewed, Vicki gardener, shot in the back and rushed to the hospital. The shooter on the loose. The police chasing the suspect. Local schools on lockdown. Then just past 10:00 A.M., the Virginia governor takes to the air waves with this stunning announcement. We know who the suspect is. We believe it's a disgruntled employee from the TV station. Reporter: Then another surprise. This on social media. A person going by Bryce Williams tweeting, I filmed the shooting. See Facebook. The same account also mentioning the victims by name, complaining about their treatment of him at work, that Facebook account now deleted. Vester Flanagan, WTOC news. Reporter: Bryce Williams, the professional name for Vester lee Flanagan. Until two years ago, an on-air reporter at this station. Live in Henry county, Bryce Williams. Reporter: Management says he was fired after being warned he needed medical attention. Minutes after those troubling tweets, Virginia state police spotting the suspect's rental car. The suspect refusing to stop, instead, running the vehicle off the road and crashing. A trooper approaches the car. She found Flanagan suffering from a self-inflekicted gunshot wound. He was flown from the scene to a hospital where he died at approximately 1:30 P.M. Today. Reporter: Tonight tributes pouring in for the reporter and the photographer who died at the scene. When I walk around wherever I'm at, Alison or Adam, it was a high point of my day because they always made me smile. Reporter: Tonight the surviving victim, Vicki gardener, is in stable condition. This live attack on TV has had its effect on the audience, too, flowers for the victims arrives at the station all afternoon,

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Two journalists killed on live television by former colleague, police say","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33344933","title":"Deadly On-Air Shooting in Virginia","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-air-shooting-virginia-33344933"}