Deadly Heat Wave Across the West

Scorching hot records shattered in west as heat wave turns deadly.
3:37 | 06/30/13

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Transcript for Deadly Heat Wave Across the West
sunday night and for a good many of you, we hope you are indoors next to a fan or air conditioner with that massive heat wave across nearly a dozen states, now turning deadly. As far north as washington state, this umpire at a home plate, putting on a hat full of water just to cool off. This worker in arizona, out at daybreak, trying to get some work done before the worst of the heat could hit. This man, checking on air conditioners, takes a break at the truck, splashing water onto his face. And just look at the scope of the system tonight. Record-setting temperatures this weekend from boise, idaho, reaching 101. Sacramento breaking a record at 107. Needles, california, 123. Phoenix, 119, all the way to houston, texas, there where it reached 107. Tonight, the new warnings with this record heat wave and will there be any relief by the fourth of july? Abc meteorologist ginger zee, leading us off tonight. Reporter: The dangerous heat has the west in a vice-like grip. Records broken from idaho to texas. That's about 1,500 miles under that broiling bubble we call a heat dome. At least one person is dead. An elderly man in las vegas who was found in a home without air conditioning. And nearly 140 people hospitalized, including an older man in las vegas who called 911 after driving for hours. His air conditioning, broken. On day three of this unbearable heat, at least a dozen runners passed out during a half marathon in pasadena, where the temperature soared to 90 during the race. And in death valley, as they creep towards 130 degrees, it's just short of the hottest record ever, 134. The heat, enough to cancel 18 us airways flights and put los angeles power crews on alert, monitoring the stress on the grid. At lake meade, park rangers stood at the trail's start to urge hikers not to hike at all. While most are going to do whatever it takes to avoid that fiery air, some of us have to go out in it. Reporter: Hi. That's rigby and austin. We have handle it for a little bit. They have fur coats on. They definitely can burn their paws. We cannot fort the pets in this heat. Their paws on the hot pavement. Ginger joining us tonight. Don't be fooled by the beauty behind ginger there. It is still unbearably hot, isn't it? Reporter: It definitely is. And I've got to tell you, you have that cliche of people that put out the egg outside when it gets this hot? Well, guess what? A desert fried egg worked. And it happened in death valley. Look at this video. You can see, a national park employee actually put out that skillet and covered it. That's the trick, she says, so that the evaporation doesn't get out. Temperatures well into the triple digits, and it worked. It fried. But they say, if you are going to do that, you have to do it in a skillet, not outside on a rock, because it's bad for the animals. Got it. We'll stick to the stove in the kitchen. In the meantime, what are we facing as we start another week? Monday, there's not much relief, is there? Reporter: Oh, you know, we've got two to three days of this extreme heat. Look at some of the numbers here. 116 for las vegas on monday. Seattle even close to 90. And phoenix will get to 114. All of that red, excessive heat warnings and advisories. And so many people working just a couple of days this week, and then the fourth of july gets here. A little bit of a break. A break in the temperature department? Reporter: You know, slightly. THE LOW 100s, IF YOU CAN CALL That much of a break. Look at west. You can see the numbers there. A broad overview. But in the east, the complete opposite. Cooler and we've got scattered the festivities, david. All right, meteorologist ginger zee, our thanks to you and the team out there in this

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{"id":19539251,"title":"Deadly Heat Wave Across the West","duration":"3:37","description":"Scorching hot records shattered in west as heat wave turns deadly.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-heat-wave-west-19539251","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}