Deadly Storms Leave Half a Million Without Electricity

At least 30 reports of severe storms, which are expected to continue through Thursday.
2:51 | 06/25/15

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Transcript for Deadly Storms Leave Half a Million Without Electricity
We turned out to be deadly storms and a new threat tonight at this hour thirty million bracing for round two flash flood watches from Chicago to a boy and just 24 hours after a massive storm system march all the way to the East Coast. A tree snapping in half and Washington Township New Jersey powerful lightning over Hoboken, New Jersey. And there is late word coming in at this hour a five people struck by lightning at a construction site in Colorado Springs retake into the hospital one in serious condition. As those new storms move in. Tonight in parts of the north east Holmes course and fences broken and buried underneath piles of treats. This cell phone video shows the storm slamming Washington Township New Jersey that tree trunk. Snapping like a two week it was very terrifying. When the streaking down the whole. Areas shock 75 mile per rubber wins -- mean that the parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A confirmed tornados tearing up read the Massachusetts. The storms leaving half a million in the dark and about fifty passengers stuck on this Amtrak train for hours there's no electricity. As hot. It's. Very stuffy in Maryland the storms are being blamed for a traffic death. A man driving a pickup truck hitting a tree that had fallen in the roadway. And new video out tonight that shows the sheer force of that EF one tornado that hammered Portland Michigan. Breaking industry clean off back in south Jersey if after the they're spread ever for a reward it resident Bob Ayers speaks a tornado hit his backyard. When the storm rolled through he says he looked out his window and saw something you'll never forget the tree would. Falling trip preparedness. Your and it hit the heart I can't believe how world. And David look at that car absolutely crushed by this massive tree because of this damage many here thought a tornado had touched down. But the National Weather Service says this was not a twister just powerful straight line winds. David all right Tom our thanks to you let's get right to ginger now because as I said this is power not been much of the same area. Yes and straight line or tornado whatever you get here tonight it's still very powerful and can be deadly to let's look at the severe thunderstorm watch in the southeast that forty seeing severe thunderstorm warnings some thirty reports or more. In parts of Georgia Alabama even Mississippi. But its overnight but I'm concerned about the area here in flash flood watch from northwest Indiana back in the eastern Iowa at put on a computer model here. What time it is 1 AM central time eastern Iowa poll holing up was strong storms. Again some of the heaviest rainfall rates could top two plus inches per hour. So that's tonight then tomorrow that an elevated risk area includes Cincinnati and Evansville. We'll keep that chance all the way to DC all the way east all over again ginger thing.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"At least 30 reports of severe storms, which are expected to continue through Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32010865","title":"Deadly Storms Leave Half a Million Without Electricity","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-storms-leave-half-million-electricity-32010865"}