Deadly Storms Take the Lives of 5; More Violent Weather Bearing Down Tonight

Important precautions and warning systems to stay safe in extreme and dangerous weather.
3:32 | 07/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Storms Take the Lives of 5; More Violent Weather Bearing Down Tonight
We begin with news about the powerful storms that have been rising with such startling speed and power people are racing to safety. Look and listen. That is the sound of the storm that killed five, including a young boy dropped off by his family at summer camp. A storm so swift, seconds meant the difference between life and death. We are tracking it all right there on the radar, that storm system marching east. ABC's meteorologist ginger zee in a moment but first ABC's gio Benitez in the storm zone right now. Reporter: Violent storms bearing down on the northeast again tonight. This after pounding upstate new York, with blinding rain and deadly violent winds. At least six tornados across three states. In smithfield, New York tonight as they pick up the pieces from this ef-2 tornado, they mourn the loss of four -- a mother and daughter dying when this home collapsed. And here a man and his dog died when his house was literally carried into the air. So this is the house that originally was right there, lifted up. You can see some of the screens there on that pole. And just carried over onto another house. Have you ever seen anything like that? Never seen anything like that. That's got to be a good 150, 200 yards. Reporter: At the river valley ranch summer camp in Maryland, more than 100 children were at an outside event and tried running inside. The camp director says they tried rushing more than 100 campers to safety, but they were too late. A 12-year-old boy was killed by a falling tree and six more injured. Tonight they're reviewing safety procedures. It looks like a tornado went through a small section of this camp right where these campers were. Reporter: Falling trees are one of the big killers in these storms. After soaking rains, root systems can loosen and get scenes like this. Tonight families are just beginning to deal with this destruction and that loss of life. Diane, what makes this so much harder to look at is just feet away, some homes are completely untouched. Gio Benitez reporting in and ABC's meteorologist ginger zee is here to tell us what's coming. It's happening again tonight. Let me show you the map. There are severe thunderstorms back in the plains but I really wanted to focus on the northeast. Anywhere from Virginia through New Hampshire including Philadelphia we could see large hail tonight. Diane, warnings coming on the map and when you hear warnings it means it's happening happening or imminent. You've been tracking new ways to get those warnings. We've got the oldest and best, the noaa radio. The other way would be these wireless emergency alerts coming out. A lot of people are hearing something on their cell phone and saying what was that exactly. You'll see a text message pop up on your phone. That's free of charge. Most of us get them. Some of us don't. If you don't you can sign up through the national weather service or others. There are a slew of apps. You've got to get something and take personal responsibility. Pay attention because these are coming up very fast. Right. Thank you, ginger.

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{"id":24497361,"title":"Deadly Storms Take the Lives of 5; More Violent Weather Bearing Down Tonight","duration":"3:32","description":"Important precautions and warning systems to stay safe in extreme and dangerous weather.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-storms-lives-violent-weather-bearing-tonight-24497361","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}