Deadly tornados hit the heartland

More than two dozen tornados reported from Texas to Wisconsin.
1:59 | 05/17/17

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Transcript for Deadly tornados hit the heartland
The deadly tornado outbreak in the heartland. Another difficult night ahead and a state of emergency now declared in Wisconsin. More than two dozen tornadoesed reported. And these pictures coming in to us just stunning out of Wisconsin. Severe storms moving east. ABC's Alex Perez tonight from the storm zone. Tornado warning. Take shelter! Reporter: Tonight, a dangerous system on the move. The tornado completely all the way on the ground. Reporter: Twisters reported in six states. Our Clayton sandelle is in hard-hit elk city, Oklahoma. This twister tore through here just after dinnertime. Some 100 families' homes are severely damaged or destroyed. One person were killed but officials say the advanced warning saved many lives. Reporter: Driving dangerous, too -- this pickup hydroplaning on I-40. North of eau Claire, Wisconsin, another twister making a direct hit. The trailer park looks like it might've been leveled. Reporter: One killed and dozens injured. First responders hearing their cries for help. When our officers arrived, They were pulling walls off of people and getting them out of their trailers. Reporter: Darla Rutledge was standing in her home when the walls collapsed on her. Didn't have a chance to do nothing. Reporter: And David, hard to believe, but there were ten mobile homes here on this block, but this is all that's left. This area bracing for more storms tonight. David? Bracing for another round, Alex, thanks. To rob Marciano with the track. Four reported tornadoes tonight. We got watches up. Look at the radar, all of Iowa, part of Wisconsin, Chicago the western suburbs you may get a rumble of thunder or strong storms tonight. As this rotates off the great Lakes. The big show back in the plains, again, western Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, could see long-track damaging tornadoes tomorrow. Rob, thank you. In the last 24 hours, there

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{"id":47475181,"title":"Deadly tornados hit the heartland","duration":"1:59","description":"More than two dozen tornados reported from Texas to Wisconsin.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-tornados-hit-heartland-47475181","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}